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At Albertsons, sure, bring your dog(s)!

As a Fallbrook resident for nearly 20 years, I have shopped at Albertsons and preferably, Major Market. Over the past three months or so, I have noticed at Albertsons, it's "Bring your dog(s) to Shop Day." The dogs I have seen range in size from poodles to shepherds . . . and no, they are not wearing any Service Animal vest.

On each occasion, I have politely reported the incident to a manager at some capacity and, once, directly to the store manager. I was assured those infractions would be addressed in the future. Of course, I saw the same occurrences at subsequent visits.

But the most egregious was most recently when I witnessed two dogs in the same shopping cart, both licking the basket uncontrollably! Again, it was pointed out to management as the shoppers pushed the dog-filled cart (grocery bags were in hand) directly past us with not a word mentioned to the offenders.

This has to be against the health code, and I reported it to the Health Department authority. Obviously, management does not want to approach the shoppers, for fear of losing a customer. But they certainly have lost my business. (Incidentally, I'm a dog lover, having had two dogs in the past. Perhaps I just have different standards.)

Robert Supalla


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