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Re: 'At Albertsons, sure, bring your dog(s)!' [Village News, Letter, 08/25/22]

This has been a problem for years and I’m so glad people are finally speaking up.

Before all you trolls jump on the dog hater wagon let me say that I love animals too and have had many pets over my lifetime.

I am not entitled and choose not to let them infringe upon others. Your so-called “support” dogs are supposed to be on the ground on a leash, not in the cart where I put my food or my purse.

At the beginning of the CCP virus, when it was proven that animals can carry the virus as well as humans, there were no restrictions placed on animals entering public places. They should have been wearing a mask as carriers of the virus.

I encountered a man in the aisle whose dog was on the ground on a lease but licking the packages of food on the bottom shelf. When I approached him and said, “you can’t let your dog lick the food,” he told me to F-off and mind my own business. I just replied, “you are a pig” and walked away. I complained to Albertsons, but I’m sure it fell on deaf ears.

A friend of mine was accosted by a large poodle at the Post Office. The dog was barking at people in line and the man behind this lady with her barking dog backed away in fear. When the same dog started to sniff my friend’s butt, there were words exchanged and yet the Post Office did nothing. The people who have to take their dog everywhere they go need more than emotional support. They are looking for attention from anyone who will pay attention to them.

On many occasions, I will see a lady with a cute little dog that they carry around in a baby stroller. When someone comes up to them and says, “Oh isn’t that a cute little puppy,” you should see the dog owner’s face and eyes light up that someone is paying attention to them. Watch for yourself and see what I am talking about.

My guess is most of these people need more mental and emotional support than the pets can give them. There are professionals for this service – just reach out and call one. What bothers me is that these people’s rights are above my rights. The public establishments cannot ask what your emotional support is; it’s against the law.

You can buy your service dog vest online without ever going through the service dog training. I bet 90% of the pets allowed in stores are not trained service dogs. Service dogs do not bark at people for no reason, sniff butts or lick the grocery carts they are riding in.

Another friend encountered a lady placing a small blanket in the cart (where you put your purse), so her dog could ride in the cart. This is not where service animals are supposed to be. A service animal can also be a bird, snake, goat, horse, etc. Any animal that gives support.

I read online about the ADA laws regarding these service dogs and people who have allergies to pet dander be damned. They do not have the same rights with their debilitating allergies. I stopped going to several restaurants here in town because I was tired of their pets being too close to my chair and the pet hair and dander causing me to sneeze, not to mention looking for a food donation.

Then, the cats running around were looking for scraps of food. It was disgusting to say the least. Since when did we as a people feel it’s okay to infringe upon others with health issues? I do not care to put my food in a cart where your dog has been laying, nor my purse where you made a bed for your dog to ride.

This is all very unsanitary. Proven fact, a dog’s mouth is not clean.

It’s irresponsible enough that we have to tolerate barking dogs at all hours of the night and now put up with them where I put my food purchases.

Don’t respond with letters about the true service dogs who are trained to sense a seizure or diabetes spell. The issue here is entitled people who are abusing the law and the spineless businesses who don’t enforce the law as intended.

Shanika Benson


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