Veterans need help to get to the VA


Last updated 9/29/2022 at 10:10am

There are 2,111 veterans that live in Fallbrook. There is an issue with lack of transportation to the VA in Oceanside or Escondido. The only transportation is through the Breeze 306. The Fallbrook community needs volunteer drivers to assist our vets in getting to appointments.

If the vets get to either Oceanside or Escondido, a driver will take them to La Jolla. The DAV pays for gas and maintenance. A person must sign up through the DAV to get this assistance.

How does our community come together to help? Are there any veteran volunteers in the community offering to drive? Seeking solutions, I've contacted the VFW in town. This request was made on Nextdoor for Fallbrook, so I am getting the word out.

Anyone who can help, can call the DAV in Oceanside, 760-643-2000, and ask for the transportation department. They can provide more information.

Jan Scott


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