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People can release life's traumas and dramas through breathing easier

MURRIETA – Raised in view of Ireland's Blarney Castle, The Breath of New Life founder Mary O'Dwyer, Ph.D., experienced a turning point that inspired her life forever. She re-envisioned herself from being ordinary and unimportant to seeing herself as a beloved child of God, Source, the Universe, with infinite and divine potential, and today she is making it easy for other women and men to do the same.

That experience taught O'Dwyer that how well people feel is deeply connected to how well they breathe.

Everyone finds themselves at times wanting to feel better. People vary widely in the ways they want and need to feel better. Some are overwhelmed by life, beset by traumas and dramas, at the end of their rope and need relief. Some suffer from a loss and are desperate to bring joy back into their life. Some feel stuck and need to feel themselves moving forwards to goals or life dreams. The wants and needs are as unique as the individual, and all learn to impact how well they feel by how well they breathe.

Some may notice that they sometimes hold their breath. Individuals learn to do this as children, as a mechanism to control their uncomfortable emotions. When holding their breath, it pauses the flow of emotion so that they can stay in control.

Unfortunately, these emotions remain unprocessed and unresolved and get stored in their bodies as emotional charges. At some point they encounter people, situations and circumstances that "push their buttons." These buttons are those unresolved, charged emotions. Until they release these emotional charges, these emotions stay in charge!

O'Dwyer's work through The Breath of New Life serves as a catalyst for individuals to release their emotional charges, their pain, their hurt, their stuckness, and to transform their lives, allowing them to get back in charge.

A science-inspired focus on results that are practical and pragmatic ensures every session at The Breath of New Life provides individuals a safe place to feel relief – relief today from the repetitive pressures and overwhelms of life, and joyful transformation that lasts a lifetime.

Her work worldwide has touched individuals who share their results at

O'Dwyer will speak live or virtually by Zoom to any organization, community, or leadership team about "Breathing Easier" or "Breathing In Joy," and she is available to be interviewed on podcasts and worldwide media about her many areas of expertise. To request her One Sheets, email [email protected].

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