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The rise of the deep state snakes

Jefferson warned us about the encroachment of our civil liberties by Federalist zealots who favored federal rights over individual and states' rights. This extraordinary American visionary and author of the Declaration of Independence predicted nearly 250 years ago that, left to their own devices, the Federalists would move heaven and earth to satisfy their factious inclinations, personal ambitions, and affinity for advancing the bureaucratic state.

Jefferson believed self-governance emanates from the consent of the people, not from the benevolence of kings or government magistrates, and certainly not from the bureaucratic state we've come to call the Deep State.

Today, the Deep Staters are motivated by their bloated salaries, golden pensions, and the trappings of unfettered power. To protect their turf and generous perks, they are all too willing to do the bidding of their DNC masters, even if it means veering outside the limits of our laws.

It's true our Democracy is threatened by internal forces, but not the ones Biden and Democrats hyperventilate over. The true enemies of America are sworn to protect us from all domestic and foreign threats, but whose ambitions have led them to betray their oath of office instead.

No longer is our nation's vanguard poised to keep the Huns at bay from storming the castle gates. The FBI and DOJ now coalesce around the bureaucratic state and Democrat Party Titans, protecting them from anyone who challenges their positions of power or influence over us.

Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI director Christopher Wray are symptomatic of the corrupt leadership that engulfs the Ivory Towers of the once venerated Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice. These bureaucratic chieftains have little regard for our laws, lack respect for adherence to the Constitution, and are unsympathetic to the injustices they maliciously inflict upon America's citizens they once pledged to protect.

Perhaps if the Deep State’s chieftains weren't preoccupied with investigating, prosecuting, and incarcerating their political enemies, the Boston Marathon bombing and the Texas elementary school shooting might have been foiled. Instead, the FBI chooses to raid Mar-a-Lago rifling through Melania's makeup and lingerie drawers, seizing passports, searching for anything to embarrass the former President, sully his reputation, or use to indict him.

These tactics may make for titillating political theater for the mindless boobs watching MSNBC, but for MAGA supporters, we find these actions reprehensible and blatantly un-American. Democrats might like to believe the recent flurry of frivolous lawsuits will dampen our support for Trump. But, try as they may, if "Forty-Five" runs again, we will proudly vote for him.

When the Deep State is not harassing the former President, they are intimidating and trying to silence Moms and Dads at school board meetings. Threatening parents and grandparents who dare to object to public school curriculums that sexualize their children, expose them to deviant behavior, and profligate divisive and racist falsehoods.

Since when does the FBI attend school board meetings, handcuff concerned parents, then prosecute them as domestic extremists? Maybe Biden and his federalist stormtroopers might want to focus on the real domestic threats confronting our Democracy and leave Catholics, Christians, Conservatives, working-class Americans, and our children and grandchildren alone!

Our future may well rest with the outcome of this November's election. Will we succumb to a two-tiered justice system poisoned by KGB-inspired abuses that deny habeas corpus rights for some and restrict due process rights for others? Or will we choose to cut off the head of this two-headed snake and end these incessant attacks on law-abiding Americans by these "Deep State Snakes" once and for all? Choose wisely patriots; the fate of our nation depends on it.

Dave Maynard


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