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BUSD approves Rainbow MWD lease on Gird Road property

Joe Naiman

Village News Reporter

What the Bonsall Unified School District does in the long term with the 49.78-acre parcel off of Gird Road the district owns wasn’t addressed at the Sept. 13 BUSD board meeting. Regardless of whether the district builds a school, builds athletic or other non-classroom facilities, or sells the land, the current use for part of the land will be by the Rainbow Municipal Water District for storage.

The BUSD board voted 5-0 Sept. 13 to approve a lease agreement with the Rainbow Municipal Water District. The lease area covers nearly one acre and is for a three-month period.

“It’s a win-win,” said BUSD Superintendent Joseph Clevenger.

“Rainbow Water is doing a pipeline upgrade along Gird Road,” Clevenger said. “They asked if they could use that property as a storage area.”

Clevenger and Rainbow MWD General Manager Tom Kennedy worked on a lease agreement. Rainbow will lease an area 200 feet by 200 feet.

The primary use of the area by the Rainbow district will be to stage construction equipment and materials, haul trucks, and other equipment. Construction employees will access the property to park and stage materials.

Having a nearby staging area has benefits other than just reducing mobilization expenses. “It takes a significant amount of traffic out of those roads,” Clevenger said.

Rainbow will be allowed to install a fence six feet high and maintain a locked gate if needed. Rainbow will be responsible for obtaining any necessary governmental approvals for operations on the land and will pay all fees associated with those permits.

There is no monetary payment for the lease. Rainbow will compensate the school district by removing four mature eucalyptus trees including stumps, trimming one eucalyptus tree, placing asphalt grindings at the front entrance of the parcel including minor grading of the front entrance, minor grading and flattening of the existing perimeter road around the parcel (excluding riparian or other sensitive habitat areas), and removing two piles of asphalt and concrete debris near the staging area.

“They are helping us with some of our maintenance effort on that property,” Clevenger said.

At the end of the lease period, Rainbow will consult with the school district about the condition of the premises. Rainbow will leave changes made to the premises in place if approved by the school district and will restore premises to the condition at the beginning of the lease if instructed to do so.


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