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Who did you say the Extremists are, Joe?

Did you happen to catch Biden's speech in Philadelphia? It was delivered in a dimly lit venue full of military props and soviet-style accents meticulously staged around an otherwise Spartan room. But instead of a conciliatory tone, we were treated to a vicious tongue-lashing, calling MAGA supporters extremists and enemies of the state.

I know what you are thinking, this is not the first time, and it won't be the last time for Biden to lampoon MAGA supporters. It's true Democrats bounce around the term "extremists" like a beach ball at a pool party. And we've heard the term extremists bandied about by Democrats so often that it has become part of our daily lexicon.

But who are the real extremists? Americans, who embrace traditional values, love their families, honor their country, and believe in the sanctity of life? Or Democrats who hide their extremist intentions in the hidden recesses of their Marxist minds and behind the false accusations they project on us?

Call me a skeptic, but I think advocating for biological males to compete in women's sports is misogynistic and blatantly unfair to women. It's also contrary to the intent of Title 9 and openly mocks the impetus that gave rise to the Women's Rights Movement. Would you say this is an extremist position to hold?

Would you say the Democrat Party's advocacy for hormonal blockers and reassignment surgeries for children is an extremist view? Let's call it what it is, "Child Abuse" disguised in a clever euphemism, "Gender Dysphoria!"

Worse yet, these transgender fanatics insist on usurping parental rights, leaving the decision for genital mutilation in the hands of teachers, bureaucrats, and physicians, physicians who would seemingly betray their Hippocratic Oath to perform such loathsome surgeries. Who did you say the extremists are, Joe?

In recent years, the Democrat Party has become intrigued with defunding and dismantling the police and enamored with the no-cash bail policy for criminals. These loopy ideas may play well in the faculty lounges at Ivy League colleges. Still, most Americans find these views grossly irresponsible and eminently dangerous for the safety of their families.

Do you remember when “Forty-five” left the White House? Gas was at $3.85 per gallon. Today, we are paying $6.15 for a gallon of gasoline, and why? In his first days in office, Biden suspended the Keystone pipeline, reduced drilling at the North Slope of Alaska, and canceled fossil fuel exploration and petroleum leases on federal lands.

Consequently, inflation has descended upon us, eviscerating our bank accounts and gutting our family budgets. Still, Democrats remain wedded to unreliable energy sources of wind and solar even though these green initiatives are bankrupting America's working class. Who did you say the extremists are, Joe?

Rest assured, these policies will likely lead to a political reckoning on election day and one of Democrats' own making. One can only hope that a massive red wave will wash over our land in the midterms, swamping the ballot boxes and sweeping away the Democrat's political dominance once and for all!

Dave Maynard


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