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Indeed a sad chapter for FUESD

Julie Reeder


Just because somebody accuses you of something doesn't mean it's true. Just because someone threatens to bring a lawsuit doesn't prove they actually have grounds.

By the time everybody reads this, the election will have happened two days ago.

We just found out Monday night that the Fallbrook Union Elementary Board is congratulating itself for avoiding a long drawn out expensive potential litigation initiated by the superintendent who has decided to leave voluntarily, although she's alleging a hostile work environment and harassment from one of the board members – Caron Lieber.

We haven’t yet been provided any proof, except a mention in the district's press release that Lieber voted against Singh’s raises.

The board settled, apparently, according to the press release, for about $400,000.

They reported that this isn’t covered by insurance, so it was money taken from our school district, the teachers, administration, and the kids.

So wasn't it enough that Singh was generously paid that amount per year for one of the smallest districts? She makes far more than Temecula and Murrieta superintendents with far larger districts. And for Board Member Lieber to not vote lock step with her raises was harrassment? That is a board member's job to act and think independently for their constituents!

Watching what's happened and covering the meetings, it’s my opinion that Lieber is the bravest board member and she is the one who has been harassed for doing a good job on the board. Listening to her constituents and asking for transparency is not harassment and I'm sorry the other board members went along with Singh's plan to line her pockets further.

Did it keep the district from a long drawn out expensive fight? Well I guess that depends, if it truly is harassment and creating a hostile work environment to not be in the pocket of someone you are supposed to be providing oversight for while you represent the voters?

This sets a terrible precedent for future board members. Caron Lieber has been in the position of having to seek her own legal counsel to protect herself against the superintendent.

It is my opinion based on the only facts we have been provided by FUESD.

Since we have not yet been provided any proof of harassment, other than the mention of the votes against the raises, it seems like Lieber has been the victim of harassment over her tenure as a board member although she did a great job. While Lieber hasn't complained, the Village News covered the story when she was ousted as board president last year.

Village News has felt bullied by the FUESD for writing stories they didn't like,

and we know how aggressively and foolishly they fought years ago against a wrongful termination suit which did cost the district millions of dollars when they were clearly in the wrong.

It is my opinion, based on the only facts we have been provided by FUESD, that the board went along with the Superintendent’s plan to line her pockets with money meant for the children of whom 75% are on free or reduced lunch.

There is no good outcome here. It’s all unfortunate to say the least. This is a horrible precedent.


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