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Questions about superintendent leaving FUESD

With regards to Candace Singh leaving FUESD as superintendent and her "settlement," I have two questions.

First, Dr. Singh claims she is leaving because she is being harassed by a single school board member. If she were so devoted to FUESD and this were truly the only reason she felt she needed to leave, why not wait until after the election? As it turns out, that particular board member is losing her reelection bid. Come Dec. 12 when the new board members take over, her problem should end.

Second, if Dr. Singh, an individual, is suing Caron Lieber, an individual, why does the district need to pay her a settlement? The statement by Board President Suzanne Lundin said it was cheaper than paying legal fees. Dr. Singh was not suing the school board or FUESD as a district. She was suing an individual who had secured her own legal counsel. So why would FUESD need to get their legal team involved at all? Unless Dr. Singh was threatening behind closed doors to sue the district? Was this extortion? Pay me and I'll go away quietly? Pay me or I'll embarrass the district by airing dirty laundry?

Both sides have been tight lipped and very little in the way of details have been released publicly. None of us knows the real story except Dr. Singh and Ms. Lieber. What a shame. The community, the parents, the students, and the employees of FUESD deserve better.

Stephanie Gaddis


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