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Biden's rise to political prominence

Joseph Biden is a curious fellow with few notable accomplishments over his tepid career. In many respects, his checkered past can best be described as a vast wasteland littered with an endless array of gaffes. Yet this profoundly flawed figure has emerged from a career of obscurity and mediocrity to the spiraling towers of political nobility. This lifelong grifter has been jettisoned into the stratosphere of the exalted by his Party's peers. But for what reason?

It's clear to anyone with a pulse that Biden is incapable of managing his own life these days, much less governing or overseeing the diverse challenges facing our nation. Stumbling, mumbling, and meandering about, Biden has become a walking, talking liability, a mere shadow of his former self.

So why is Biden sitting atop the highest pinnacles of power instead of living out his days in a home for the memory impaired? The answer resides in Biden's incapacitated state, which provides the perfect cover for Obama's army of Marxist misfits to pursue their unfinished business of … fundamentally transforming America!

Unable to bear this unthinkable reality, patriots from all corners of the hinterlands are incensed over the destructive nature of Democrats, Democrats who unapologetically desecrate our nation's traditions and scoff at our Judeo-Christian values. If Democrats persist on this perilous journey, America will descend into another godless state devoid of free speech, free will, and the liberties we enjoy as free people!

It's hard to know which version of Joe will appear on any given day. The barely lucent one who shakes hands with imaginary dignitaries or the angry, cantankerous Joe, whose Ebenezer Scrooge impersonation is worthy of an Oscar. Perhaps Joe played tackle football one too many times without a helmet when he was young. Or, ostensibly, he made one too many toasts oversampling Irish whiskey over the years. In either case, Biden has no business being anywhere near the reins of power in Washington, much less sitting on the throne in the Oval Office.

One final thought: This ongoing political lynching of an honorable man seems antithetical to the underlying principles of American jurisprudence. After all, Trump's only crime was to run for President as a beltway outsider in 2016, and win!

On the other hand, if Democrats are confident of Biden's victory in 2020, then why the protracted antipathy toward Trump and the relentless prosecutions demanding his head on a platter? You'd think Democrats would welcome this rematch. Unless the unsecured drop boxes, the unverified ballot signatures, and the blatant disregard for our election laws ultimately changed the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election.

Let's hope the next Presidential Election will be different. With any luck, we will be free from the partisan gamesmanship, the omnipresent whiffs of fraud hovering in the air, and the election law mischief we have come to expect from Democrats from one election to the next. But if the mid-term kerfuffle in Maricopa and Clark Counties indicates their future intentions, I suspect Democrats will resort to what they do best: "Cheat!"

Merry Christmas patriots.

Dave Maynard


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