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Transparency is the new National threat

Julie Reeder


Watching how people react to Elon Musk releasing, for transparency purposes, the Twitter files regarding how Twitter censored the New York Post's legitimate story regarding Hunter and Joe Biden’s influence peddling to China, Russia, Ukraine, etc ,. is fascinating and sad. There was direct communication regularly between the Biden supporters in government and Twitter, and Facebook.

Remember President Biden during his celebratory speech mentioning how he thought there should be a national security review of Elon Musk? Be ready to start hearing leaks about nefarious activities regarding Musk, Twitter, Tesla, etc.

This is why it was brilliant that Musk brought the info to the public with Matt Taibbi, a former Rolling Stone reporter and a million Twitter followers.

It's a sad day for news and information censors and controllers.

Elon is a threat? He should be investigated? Ahhh yes, let's go on a fishing expedition against Musk, just like they've done against Trump. For years they have made his life and his kids' lives hell. Let's do the same to Musk – the guy that is bringing transparency to how the Biden administration worked with the Twitter "fact-checkers" who were really just political censors and election tampering. It was interesting that they revealed Jack Dorsey did not know it was going on.

But back to Musk. Remember Musk was providing the Internet to Ukraine with Starlink? Pretty cool right? Contrast that with how Apple shut down their airdrop feature in China during the protest of people being locked and welded inside their homes like last time during Covid. After 11 people died in a fire because they couldn't get out fast enough the people were protesting.

Why would Apple aid the CCP (Chinese Communist Party)? Maybe the reason is their $78 billion dollar 5-year deal to help the CCP boost their technology features. Is anyone condemning or investigating Apple? Probably not, because we have to concentrate on shutting down the guy (Musk) supporting free speech and transparency – at all cost! And let's use the government agencies who were part of the real collusion to reign fire on him!

Oh you just can't make this stuff up.

So, while we have open collusion with the CCP and Apple and don't forget TikTok too, the radical Democrats try feverishly to discredit Musk for supporting free speech and transparency and bringing to light their dark deeds and true election tampering.

The follow up that needs to be considered is how all the legacy media, including PBS, CNN, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, used the Twitter censorship as their excuse to censor the Biden laptop story before the election. What if it was a story about the Trump kids influence peddling with China, Ukraine and Iran? What if it was a laptop of Eric Trump's, full of emails condemning Trump and also self-incriminating photos of crack use, hookers, and sex trafficking? We all know the answer.

Yay for Elon Musk! Yay for transparency against government collusion! Yay for free speech! Yay for America!

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