Re: 'Fallbrook cleans up almost 500 lbs. of trash from downtown' [Village News, 11/24/22]


Last updated 12/15/2022 at 7:41am

The Village News article, Fallbrook cleans up almost 500 lbs. of trash from downtown, is a consummate example of a valuable news publication that brings people together, reminds others of the value of meaningful and educational community service activities.

Unlike many of today’s “greenwashing” virtue signaling advocates, these volunteers are true environmentalists, helping to remove discarded cigarette butts, the #1 source of litter word wide.

A common misperception held by smokers, 98% of whom use smoke filtered cigarettes, is that they are less dangerous. In fact, they are more, not less, dangerous.

Banning filtered cigarettes would help eliminate a major source of plastic pollution and help many smokers to quit smoking and far fewer children to start.

Kathleen Lippitt


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