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Re: 'Educator questions test scores for Fallbrook High district' [Village News, 1/5/23]

I really appreciated your article on Jan. 5, 2023, of an “educator” asking nine specific questions of Superintendent Ilsa Garza-Gonzalez concerning the failings of Fallbrook schools.

I suggest all parents and taxpayers read this article to get a good idea of what you aren’t getting for your money.

My very quick background: my mother was a high school teacher most of her life. I got my credentials for secondary English in 1973. After substituting before and after, I realized how quickly the schools were slipping into low standards and politics. I chose to only sub for 14 years in over 20 schools and three states. I’ve seen it all, good schools and bad, and why some worked and most didn’t.

Increasingly, more indoctrination and less education happened; there were numbed teachers who just wanted the pension and to get out. It’s the big secret no one talks about.

I also knew the whole tenor of schools’ education rolled from the superintendent on down to the principals and then reflected in the teachers.

I am sure Garza-Gonzalez is very educated in child psychology, behavior modification, administrative strategies, lots of degrees, and even the mandatory three names with a 10% salary boost if it contains a hyphen.

Her responses were pure educational politics 101. Long sentences fraught with educational buzzwords and phrases with purposely nebulous meanings that draw no definitive conclusions. Just like a nervous politician giving a double speak stump speech.

So, Joe, give us an example. Okay, page A-5, #3 question: Why are 79.73% of students below grade level in math? Garza-Gonzalez’s answer: “Although the progress may not be apparent, we are proud of our progress in math as well as ELA.” See how a negative was skillfully turned into a positive? Percentages from 2018-19 to 2021-22 got worse!

You didn’t answer the question; under your reign, 78.73% couldn’t pass standards. Now you say you and your “team” (faculty) are making, wait, striving to make “progress.” How did it get this bad in the first place? You test regularly to pick up problems early, don’t you? How did it get to 79.73%?

I’ll tell you how, because you were too busy cramming CRT and commie-core down their throats every day. Too busy turning boys into girls and girls into boys. Too busy making normally confused and nervous adolescents more nervous and confused. Any boy acting like a boy is immediately sent to a psychologist and put on meds to, you know, make him more “normal.” Then, they wonder why there are so many school shootings.

In Santa Cruz U.C., their philosophy in the “Education” Dept is “we’re not interested in the teacher in the class. We are only interested in education theory.” The ivory tower liberals planning how you think. Left!

Call, write, email Garza-Gonzalez and tell her you don’t want U.C. buzz words and phrases; you want apparent results or you’ll find someone more capable than Garza-Gonzales.

Stop buying out the contract of incompetent narcissists. Make them earn tenure, and if no results, six months severance, and see ya.

Joseph Schembri


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