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Legal defense organization fights for constitutional rights

A.C. Roberts

Special to the Village News

FALLBROOK – Attorney Brad W. Dacus spoke to Republican Women of California-Fallbrook (RWC), at the Fallbrook Mission Theater, Jan. 13. He is the founder of Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) which fights for the constitutional and religious rights of Americans.

Founded in 1997, PJI specializes in defending parental rights, religious freedom, and other civil liberties. It has hundreds of affiliate attorneys who provide clients with legal support free of charge. "We need to know our rights, and how to use our gifts to glorify God," Dacus stressed.

"We are in 27 offices, in 20 states, representing businesses, military, churches, schools, and individuals," he said. "We have over 120 cases in active litigation. Our goal is to make sure everyone gets help." Their attorneys are involved in areas of law not typically handled by others.

PJI is a conservative legal defense organization. In Southern California, it represented workers opposed to their employers' vaccine mandates, strangers talking about their faith to shoppers in a public mall, a Bible study group that wanted to meet in a private home which was not in a zone for religious gatherings, and a bride and groom whose marriage license was nearly denied because they added three extra words to the document. Those are samples of PJI's hundreds of cases.

An important case, being considered to be heard by the United States Supreme Court, is in defense of a church in Salinas, California. "Salinas is like a gas pit-stop near Monterey's touristy destinations," Dacus explained. "The city wants to shut down a growing church there because it isn't 'fun'! They want their town to become a 'fun' tourist attraction too! We won in the lower court and then the City of Salinas appealed to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court's decision will impact the freedom and liberty for churches and synagogues across America!"

"There's a growing hostility against people and institutions of faith. We're representing people wanting religious asylum from communist countries, and Muslims being persecuted," he said, "and we're representing Christian church preschools who are told children can't be compelled to listen to Christian music or hear stories from the Bible!"

PJI just won a case where Amtrak employees, who had been fired for not getting a Covid-19 vaccine, were rehired and given their due back-pay.

They help private employees wanting to opt out of their unions, but cases they do not handle are those of child custody and family law.

"We're seeing more suits on a state level than we've ever seen before. We want to empower people. When they know their rights are violated, they can call us and we'll come and represent them. It's a major battle! We'll combine all our resources," Dacus assured his audience.

Some of PJI's endorsers are Harvest Christian Fellowship Pastor Reverend Greg Laurie, California; State Senator Ray Haynes, California Assemblyman Steve Baldwin, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Former USA Attorney General Edwin Meese, and Former California Attorney General Dan Lungren.

Dacus has appeared on many television and radio programs, and news stations. His own television show is Brad Dacus Live, streaming via the internet and his radio program is The Dacus Report. During both programs he discusses faith and freedom.

"We depend on donations," Dacus said. "We have a donor who will match dollar-for-dollar, any donations that come in until Jan. 31." According to Charity Navigator, more of PJI's donations go directly to their work, compared to other free legal defense organizations in America. Charity Navigator is the nation's premiere charity assessment organization. Their ratings are based on financial stewardship, accountability, and ministry transparency.

To donate to PJI's tax-exempt nonprofit organization, to receive their free newsletters titled Legal Insider, and to keep up with cases, see or call 916-857-6900. Dacus speaks at conferences, graduations, conventions, and churches.

RWC meets the second Friday of each month at the Fallbrook Mission Theater, 10-11:30 a.m. Their meetings are open to the public, and feature guest speakers. Members and guests pay $10 at the door.


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