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Re: 'America under siege' [Maynard Letter, Village News, 1/5/23]

Re: Inflation. Maynard is at it again, waxing eloquent, but woefully misinformed. No, Biden isn't taking your life savings, neither is he responsible for the inflation that is the cause. The mega-corporations are the culprits. Ever-increasing food costs? Look at the record profits of Amazon, Walmart. and other major food dealers. High priced gas, diesel, and other petroleum products? Just look at Big Oil: Shell, Exxon Mobil, and a few others also recording record profits.

Also, note that inflation is a global phenomenon. All developed countries, like ours, are experiencing inflation, and for the same reason. During the time the pandemic was raging, all economies fell back: too few people willing or able to make the purchases that drive our economies. Now, as we emerge from the pandemic, more money is chasing fewer goods, hence inflation.

The next, almost inevitable consequence is a recession, again, globally. The Fed has been increasing the federal funds interest rate in an effort to bring inflation down slowly with the possibility of avoiding that recession, but it's tricky.

Re: The Border. Yes, there is an unprecedented number of people trying to cross our Southern Border. But there are unprecedented conditions prompting them. Trump portrayed them variously as animals, criminals, rapists, and drug mules. They are not, and there’s data to prove that.

But when that many people are willing to leave their homelands and risk their lives in attempting to get here, something is seriously wrong. Clearly the symptomatic solution of trying to stop them, physically, has not worked. What is needed is a systemic, humanitarian solution. Biden’s administration is working on it. It won’t be easy, in any case, but the mixed Congress certainly isn’t going to make it any easier.

Re: Kari Lake. Maynard mentions Lake, and her (mis)interpretation of the word “invasion” in our Constitution. In this context, it is defined as “when a foreign army enters a country by force.” Her opinions regarding our Constitution are irrelevant. She has already made it clear she has no regard for any of it.

John H. Terrell


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