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Reliving the Carter years

The year was 1979; I was a young father with a fledgling family with little interest in the intramural skirmishes of Washington politics. Our economy was sinking faster than the January sun in a Nebraskan sky. And yet, instead of fixing our freefalling economy, President Carter was preoccupied with his pet projects like lowering the maximum speed limit to 55 mph. Millions of American lives were irreparably harmed by Carter's missteps, and my family was among them!

This was my first glimpse of what lies beyond the far side of the political horizon when Democrats sit on the throne of power. For four insufferable years, Carter demanded that Americans lower their thermostats in the winter and raise them in the summer. An era marred by runaway inflation, gas rationing, and double-digit interest rates that will not easily be forgotten or forgiven. Americans were suffering with less while watching the American Dream hemorrhaging in emergency rooms across the country.

President Carter seemed like an affable fellow, yet he was more of an emperor than a statesman, more of a king than a leader presiding over a free nation – a man with little understanding of how to grow the economy, much less how to correct it when it contracts. Carter was a president with few pragmatic solutions to circumvent the rising tide of stagflation, captivated by his authoritarian inclinations and blinded by his partisan aspirations.

We were a country adrift without a lifeboat to save us. But then, when all seemed lost, stepping out of this menacing cloud of political chaos was a true statesman, a man for all seasons known affectionately as Ronald Reagan! Seen as a political outsider by the DC insiders, Reagan would soon be rescuing our nation from the jaws of impending poverty and the iron grip of the Democrats' destructive policies.

Reagan was an accomplished two-term governor with a heartwarming smile and an uncanny knack for delivering endearing political quips to millions of his admiring supporters. As a presidential candidate, he was an unstoppable conservative warrior, wielding the Articles of the Constitution like the longsword of Excalibur, vanquishing all who stood in his political path before becoming our 40th President.

Like a phoenix emerging from the depths of the desert sands, the American Dream, once languishing under the policies of Jimmy Carter, rose defiantly out of the ashes of Carter's apocalyptic governance. America would return to the world stage as the leading economy and preeminent superpower after four untenable years of Carter's ruinous blunders, like his pathetic handling of the Iranian Hostage Crisis.

So here we are once again, reliving the misery of Carter's presidency in the symbiotic sequel entitled the Biden presidency. The similarities between the Biden and Carter presidencies are undeniable. Like Carter, Biden's tenure is facing an inflation rate at a 40-year high, the cost of goods and services outpacing our wages, and one more catastrophic economic disaster in the making. Biden's ineptitude has hastened the crisis brewing at our southern border, precipitated the CCP's saber-rattling offshore of Taiwan, and is directly responsible for Putin's mechanized invasion of Ukraine.

One final thought: Yesterday, we learned that Biden has been storing classified records at yet another unsecured location, this time at his Delaware home. However, the documents found at Penn State's Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement may be the most problematic, as the Chinese Communist Party provides substantial funding for the center! Call it fate, karma, or divine intervention, but it appears the misdeeds of the Democrat Party are about to catch up to them!

Keep the faith, Patriots.

Dave Maynard


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