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Re: The 50 year plan [Village News, Letters, 2/2/23]

In response to Mr. Smith’s letter, please don’t mail your application to Mensa just yet. Your logic, or lack of, is down right scary. Don’t cross any streets without adult supervision.

It reminds me of a question from a college educated friend of mine. Times were hard and he was worried about people not having enough money, so he said, “Why doesn’t the government just print more money?’ I had to reevaluate his intelligence from that point on, and yes, he was a Democrat.

Using your flawless logic, 99.99% of most people polled would want “a better life.” So why would we want to stop the activities of the Mafia and cartels? They just want “a better life.” Who are we to stand in the way?

I’m sure you are smarter than all the countries in the world, going back thousands of years, who were so evil and stupid as to have controlled borders in their countries.

Joseph Schembri


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