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Things in Fallbrook are getting worse

I’ve lived in Fallbrook a long time, and I’ve seen a lot of changes, both good and bad. Over the last few years, I’ve seen things that have not been addressed and now continue to get worse.

The first: the article in the San Diego Union Tribune, dated Feb. 12, about the firing of the deputy. The article said that the deputy is now terminated from the police force. It did not say why he was terminated the first time and put back on duty, only to have this happen.

All of us in Fallbrook deserve better than this. I know there are great officers on the force here in Fallbrook, but it takes just one bad incident like this to make all of us a little nervous about our safety.

It would have been helpful if the Civil Service Commission would have told us why he was terminated the first time. I know Sheriff Kelly Martinez has her hands full, trying to do the best job she can, at the same time, those of us that live in Fallbrook deserve better.

The second issue I have is with all the “homeless” people in Fallbrook. I know there are outreach programs to help them find proper living facilities, but they have rules to follow which most do not want to abide by.

There is a man who sleeps in the bushes between McDonald’s and the Bank of America. He has his shopping cart full of all his belongings which is overflowing at times.

He has also been seen going into McDonald’s, I’m guessing to use the facilities. He then goes and sits on the wall across from where you place your order and panhandles. He knows who will give or get him things. I've also seen him in the summertime taking a shower out in the open by one of the stores that has a hose to use. He also sleeps in front of the Bank of America when it rains. There has to be some place better for this man to live a better life than what he is living now.

The third issue I have is the “homeless” people who have mental issues, which puts everyone in danger as well. There is a man, I’m sure everyone knows who I’m talking about, who rants and raves at people outside of stores, saying things I won’t say here. This incident happened Feb. 15. I was driving between Denny’s and the bank, going into the intersection. There was another car in front of me, so I was driving 5 mph at best. This man ran out, started yelling at me, went around and stood in front of my car so I couldn’t go forward. He was waving his arms in a very hostile way toward me and saying things I won’t repeat here. I quickly backed my car up and went a different direction, with him running after me for a short distance.

This man is all over Fallbrook. He needs help, no doubt, at the same time this is a danger to the rest of us, since we never know where he will pop up next, so to speak, or the chance he could hurt someone.

We should not have to be confronted with this type of situation. Something needs to be done to help him, get him off the streets and keep the rest of us safe from having to be confronted by something like this.

There are a lot of other “homeless” who sleep in front of stores. It’s sad to see that our once nice little town has come to this. Something needs to be done for everyone’s safety. I know this will not be a popular topic with some people, but safety is an issue here.

L.D. Krane


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