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Fallbrook Union High School District must stop sexualizing children

As a member of Gays Against Groomers, I was appalled when Trustees Eddie Jones, Oscar Caralampio and Jim Dooley voted to keep the pornographic book, “Beyond Majenta” in FUHSD’s high school libraries at the Tuesday, Feb. 28, school board meeting.

It is “Beyond Belief” that these three union-funded or supported Trustees, Jones, Caralampio and Dooley voted in favor of a book that details a passage where a six-year-old transgender child is passed around like a party favor giving oral sex to a neighborhood full of adults and teens and “enjoys it.”

The book illustrates how pedophilia and sexual assault of a child could be celebrated. It also includes profanity, like F-words, and uses a negative slur for gay men, another F-word, throughout.

No one at the meeting demanded the book to be banned from county libraries, just the school libraries. Many advocates for the book wrongfully accused parents of homophobia, book banning and worse.

If these three union-funded supporters truly want to make LGBTQ students feel “inclusive,” they must not have books on their shelves that endanger children by giving the trans community a reputation of desiring and glorifying sexual violence upon first graders.

Children and teens are very impressionable. Our LGBT community feels this book could lead to similar acts of sexual assault to young victims by both adults and teens, thus inappropriate for school libraries.

The fact that these three union-funded trustees defended and voted to keep a book glorifying pedophilia and sexual assault on public school shelves under the spirit of “art,” and LGBTQ inclusiveness is extremely offensive to us because it does just the opposite.

I commend Christiansen for his thoughtful and well researched stance as to why the book must go. Clearly, he was unwilling to risk the health and safety of Fallbrook’s children by bowing down to liberal ideology that puts children in harm’s way.

My hope is that Fallbrook taxpayers and voters remove union-funded trustees like Jones, Caralampio and Dooley who are toxic to students’ education and parents rights.

Sadly, our research as well as attending school board meetings across the state of California show that union-supported programs like Critical Race Theory or Diversity, Equity and Inclusion push propaganda that sexualizes children as well as teaches anti-American sentiments, just like Fallbrook Union’s meeting, Feb. 28.

We recently transferred our child out of a seventh grade history class and onto a more traditional teacher because the teacher-activist told her students about her sex life, made Christopher Columbus look as bad as Hitler and told students, “Don’t trust your parents.”

Parents must talk to their children, review their curriculums and search library books just like the parents who found ample pornographic books at FUHSD’s school libraries.

Taxpayers and voters: Please make it your business to verify all donors of any school board trustee candidate and vote for independent, non-union trustees to keep the focus on academic education – not indoctrination.

Marci Strange

Member of Gays Against Groomers & Mom


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