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County to consider school district boundary line adjustments for Citro development

FALLBROOK – A new residential development, known as Citro, is currently underway in

Fallbrook. The development will feature 844 residential units and is set to be occupied between December 2021 and December 2030. The Citro development will be served by the Fallbrook Union Elementary and High School districts, as well as the Bonsall Unified School District.

The current boundary lines between the Fallbrook districts and the Bonsall district cuts straight

through a portion of the Citro development, resulting in the dissection of streets, lots, housing

types and cul-de-sacs. As currently situated, students and families living next door to or across

the street from each other would be required to attend different school districts. To address this

issue, in April 2022, the three districts proactively embarked on a study to assess the feasibility

of re-drawing the district boundaries to allow for a more logical divide of the community.

The redrawing of district boundaries will provide a more logical divide of the community and

ensure that students and families living in close proximity to each other will attend the same

school district. The California Education Code allows districts to redraw boundary lines to

achieve neighborhood cohesion and sensible bus routes to school, so long as certain other

criteria are met.

The criteria generally allows for balanced demographics, revenue neutrality and balanced student generation. The school districts are working collaboratively with the community and other stakeholders, in adherence with state law and the California Department of Education guidelines, to ensure that both the legal criteria and community concerns are met.

At the regularly scheduled meetings in January 2023, an advisory report, a resolution and supporting documents were presented for first reading, information and discussion. In February

2023, the resolution and the petition were presented for second reading and approval. All three

school district governing boards approved the resolution and petition which will be submitted

to the county superintendent for consideration and approval by the county committee on

school district organization.

Additional public hearings on the topic will be noticed as required in the next three to six months. All three school districts said they are satisfied that the proposed boundary adjustment will provide the most equitable solution for cohesive neighborhoods while also easing the administration of bus routes, and they look forward to serving the students and families in the Citro community.

Submitted by San Diego County.


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