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Revisiting reparations

It was just another godless night, reminiscent of the movie "Sin City," with the clamoring of car alarms going off everywhere, the unnerving sounds of police sirens echoing above the promenade, and the smell of cannabis lingering in the air. A hedonistic theater teeming with secular progressives who openly mock those who recite the Lord's Prayer!

But on this unforgettable night, not even the residents fast asleep in their protected palaces in Pacific Heights would be safe from the beast lurking inside the devil's lair.

As darkness enveloped the moonless sky, a hapless chap broke into the Pelosi house. With police standing outside the front door, this scantly clad lad bounced a hammer off the head of the Speaker's spouse, dropping him to the floor. And while this mayhem was unfolding, crimes were metastasizing up and down the Bay City shores. Meanwhile, San Francisco politicians were too busy commiserating over reparations to notice the carnage festering outside their chamber doors.

Instead of addressing the surging crime wave, the encroaching homeless crisis, or the deteriorating living conditions, Democrat lawmakers prefer to focus on yet another exploitable diversion, this time reparations. Lobbying for reparations is a curious choice of priorities, bearing in mind California has a $24 billion budget deficit and projected deferred infrastructure costs of more than $150 billion.

Yet Democrat lawmakers shamelessly march on with their divisive scheme, confident they will not face any threats to their power for using tax dollars to buy black votes. Considering California has never been a slave state, nor have any of its residents ever been enslaved, I can't help but wonder if this ethnic pandering will ever end.

I realize Democrats will do anything to conceal their racist past. But who is truly responsible for slavery in America, and who is not? Perhaps a short stroll down memory lane will help to uproot the allusive truth.

It was the Republicans who led the way to end slavery. Over 350,000 Republican soldiers died in battles fought in the Civil War at Gettysburg, Vicksburg, and the Battle of Bull Run. These fallen soldiers were at the tip of the abolitionist spear, and they paid the ultimate price to emancipate black Americans.

For the record, it was Democrats who were the architects of Jim Crow laws and spearheaded the Ku Klux Klan. It was Democrats like the fire-breathing segregationist Governor George Wallace, who stood in the doorways of public schools in defiance of integration. And it is today's Democratic Party that continues to project its racist past on the backs of Republicans.

One final thought: America is the most ethnically diverse country on the planet, and we should all be proud of that fact. For the most part, we have overcome our racial schisms. So, why not celebrate our nation's laudable accomplishments in race relations rather than exhuming old wounds, rewriting American history, and "Revisiting Reparations?"

Ciao, for now, Patriots.

Dave Maynard


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