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Finding available services for individuals with developmental disabilities

FALLBROOK – D'Vine Path has been offering vocational education to adults with disabilities since its initial inception in 2019. At D'Vine Path, students have the opportunity to gain professional and personal skills in order to work towards becoming more independent and obtaining a job.

According to the CDC, autism spectrum disorder is the most common disability in the United States; 85% of the individuals with ASD are unemployed. D'Vine Path works to change these statistics and better support people with disabilities.

Along with D'Vine Path, San Diego County offers a variety of resources for children, teens and young adults with disabilities. Although finding the correct services can be difficult at times, there are many resources that can help make the process easier.

The San Diego Regional Center offers disabled people of all ages a variety of services in order to assist these individuals and their families. A few of these services include: assessments, clinical services, internships and the self determination program.

Services can be provided through the San Diego Regional Center for individuals with developmental disabilities during any point in their lives. These services are important and can help individuals with disabilities greatly in many areas of their lives, from getting diagnosed, receiving care or working towards obtaining a job.

Another resource for individuals with disabilities is the California Department of Rehabilitation, which provides these individuals with employment opportunities as well as independent living options. Through vocational rehabilitation, the DOR teaches individuals the skills they need in order to gain employment. Independent living programs are also an option, and they can offer services such as peer support, referrals, translation services and more.

Both the SDRC and the DOR are essential resources for individuals with disabilities in San Diego county because these organizations provide support and necessary services that will benefit the consumers in the future.

"We are incredibly grateful that we have the SDRC and the DOR to assist in many essential services for our populations who have special needs. They have been life-changing for our students," said Lenila Batali, executive director of D'Vine Path.

"I urge parents and caretakers to contact these agencies. If your child is qualified, it will make all the difference in their lives," Batali added.

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