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Homeless people live around Fallbrook

Our family has lived in Fallbrook since 1975. I’ve seen a lot of changes in our town; some were good and some were not. The current problem is a topic that seems to be growing larger every day, and that is the “homeless” situation. A few weeks ago the Village News printed a large story about the homeless in Fallbrook with pictures and details. The same week I wrote a letter to the Village News about the same, and it was printed the following week, as yet nothing has changed. I know others have called the Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce to voice a complaint about the situation we all see daily.

The following situation happened Wednesday, March 22, at 10:30 a.m. In the lower parking lot by the library, I was parking my truck to return some books, when I saw a man naked from the waist down urinating beside his SUV for the whole world to see. There were other people who saw it and just drove by. This man didn’t seem to have a care in the world as to if anyone saw him or not. Needless to say I was shocked and disgusted by this display and did not park, but I went to the police station just down the road to complain to them. They were very nice but said their hands were tied because of the current laws, but they have contacted the owner of the lot. He indicated he has been trying to get him removed as well. This man has his RV parked on the side of the street which he is living out of, since it is allowed in Fallbrook to just park anywhere with a RV and live out of it. There are several other cars parked there also. I’m guessing there are more people living in the RV than just this man. I’ve called the chamber several times and they are very nice and understand about this problem, but it still continues.

There are other areas that the “homeless” use at night such as the man who sleeps in the ditch between Bank of America and McDonald’s, then sits on the wall across from the place that you order and panhandles. He also used the facilities in McDonald’s. Why does McDonald’s allow it? Then there are the four or five homeless and all their shopping carts loaded that sleep at the front of the Angel Shop every night. Then the above homeless man with his RV, who now has a large dog, so dog waste will be the next problem.

Then there are the mentally ill homeless, who go in and out of the shops and sit in the roads and yell and cuss at people. I could go on and on about this one also. The police won’t do anything unless they are committing a crime or are a danger to the public. The only problem when you report it is by the time the police get there the people are gone, so what is the point in calling.

Fallbrook is a nice town but if something isn’t done about the “homeless” situation soon, we will have the same situation that downtown San Diego has on their hands with no end in sight. This situation is not OK. Is this something we want new people to Fallbrook to see or is it just something no one cares about enough to complain about? It’s not a wonder that people are leaving not only Fallbrook but California in general.

There are many homeless outreach places for them to get help so they don’t have to live like they are now, but there is one thing that is stopping them from getting help. They have to follow the rules, and they don’t want to do that. I know where they sleep at night buty where do they go in the daytime? Do I feel sorry for them? Not any more. Not with all the help there is out there for them. That doesn’t mean the rest of us who pay taxes have to put up with, see or deal with this everyday. I’m disgusted and angry and disappointed that more hasn’t been done about it here in Fallbrook and in California in general. We have a nice town at least for now. How long will it remain is anyone’s guess.

L.D. Kruse

Fallbrook resident


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