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Yetis, unicorns, and Fauci's covid myths

It was a balmy summer's night, and a group of mad scientists at the People's Liberation Army laboratory on the outskirts of Wuhan, China, were busy cooking up a super virus that would change the course of history – and not in a good way.

Ignoring the Obama Administration's moratorium on "gain of function" research, Dr. Anthony Fauci awarded a DHS grant to Echo Health Alliance, elevating them to team leader status in the PLA's clandestine program.

Despite the inherent risks, Fauci continued his collaborative effort with the PLA, and as we'd soon learn, with little regard for safety and efficacy standards or the lives of Americans.

Why would anyone or any government dabble in the witchcraft of weaponizing a virus? Fauci's motive is unclear; however, the Chinese government's motives are undeniable. Xi's reign of terror was about to expire thanks to Trump's American First initiatives.

With the Chinese economy faltering under the weight of the Trump tariffs and Xi's support waning among Chinese Communist Party apparatchiks, Xi had the means and the motive to release his weaponized virus. For decades, the PLA welcomed a capitalist cleansing, and unleashing the COVID virus would provide the means to that end.

We may never know if COVID-19 was intentionally released by the PLA or accidentally spread by a clinician at the laboratory. But we know Xi was acutely aware of the COVID outbreak in Wuhan and did little to discourage infected Chinese tourists from traveling abroad. Like a prairie fire burning in mid-July, Xi's malevolence spread the virus overnight, becoming a worldwide pandemic by the morning's light.

Still, the Chinese government insisted that the origin of COVID-19 stemmed from the consumption of monkey bats at a Wuhan wet market. Fauci repeated this Machiavellian fairy tale ad nauseam on the nightly news, hiding behind layers of bureaucratic double-speak to conceal his complicity. Given the research underway at the Wuhan Lab, anyone with a pulse knew this theory was preposterous.

Many pundits believe the Chinese should pay reparations to everyone who contracted COVID-19 or was injured in any way, especially those who lost loved ones. Given the staggering cost of COVID-19 on Americans, reparations seem like a reasonable resolution for their actions!

Final thoughts: As for Fauci, he "authorized" weaponizing COVID-19, culminating in the deaths of more than a million Americans. Does this make him the worst mass murderer in American history? I suppose that depends on who you ask.

Fauci's failure to comply with the gain of function moratorium is criminal in and of itself. His repeated obfuscation and bastardization of the facts in front of Congress also bear criminal liability.

I'm not suggesting that Fauci should be measured for an orange jumpsuit at Leavenworth, but it does seem preferable to dangling from a hangman's noose at the end of a rope! My preference, well, I'll leave it to your imagination!

Dave Maynard


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