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Looking at homes online vs in person

FALLBROOK – The internet has made so many things a lot easier to find – even homes! It's understandable that everyone wants to present their best selves online, and that's where in-person meet ups come in to see if things are what they say they are. Below are the expectations vs realities of looking things online and in person:

Expectation Online: Wow, there's so much space!

A skilled photographer who knows how to work with angles can make a space look larger than they actually are.

Reality In-Person: Is this all of it?

Sometimes, a space may actually be smaller than its online presentation. Or it can be the opposite – photos are unflattering and not doing justice to how much square footage a home actually has.

Expectation Online: It looks brand new.

Photoshop has made it easy to hide unsightly features and even make imperfections in a space disappear.

Reality In-Person: What's that noise?

The thing with virtual tours is that you only get to see things. You have no idea about smells, sounds, and the overall feel of the property. You miss other details that you can otherwise decide on in a live showing.

Expectation Online: It checks all the boxes.

Online descriptions will never mention the cons in a home. It's all positive.

Reality In-Person: You didn't tell me I'll be living downwind of a sewer plant.

That's why it's important to work with a real estate agent you trust. They will be honest and will put your needs first. It's important to stroll around and have a feel of the neighborhood too. What's the vibe? Does it feel like a place to settle down for many years to come?

Reality: Not all homes are actually available.

Sometimes you may see a home online that checks all the boxes. But, then after speaking with the listing agent, you may learn about some other matter related to the sale that will cross it off the list.

It could be that the seller wants to sell and stay as a tenant for a prolonged period of time. Or it could be that the title has some sort of cloud that could prohibit a smooth sale. In order to be sure, it is always best to work with an agent that has your best interests in mind.

Home purchase can sometimes be like dating. When you find a home online that looks absolutely like "the one," pay a visit and see how it works out. And when you're ready to put a ring on a home, call us!

This article first appeared on Broadpoint Properties' website,

Submitted by Elisabeth Hartig Lentulo, broker associate, who can be reached at 760-532-1057, [email protected] or CalBRE #01904564


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