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Finally! Someone is challenging collusive censorship!

Julie Reeder


In a landmark legal move, Children's Health Defense (CHD) is challenging the powerful 'Trusted News Initiative' (TNI) through an antitrust lawsuit. By targeting major news organizations like the BBC, The Washington Post, the Associated Press, and Reuters, CHD aims to address concerns surrounding collusive censorship and champion the principles of freedom of speech and press.

This lawsuit not only seeks to hold the TNI accountable but also provides an opportunity to reevaluate the balance between responsible news reporting and stifling alternative viewpoints.

Defending pluralism and accountability:

At the heart of CHD's legal action lies the need to safeguard the principles of democracy and ensure a diverse range of voices in the media landscape. The TNI, a consortium of legacy news organizations and tech giants, has been accused of engaging in a concerted effort to suppress alternative news reporting by dubbing it as "misinformation." By doing so, the TNI effectively chokes off access to the dominant social media platforms for publishers whose narratives challenge their established orthodoxy.

Antitrust laws: Protecting rivals and consumer interests:

The foundation of CHD's lawsuit rests on federal antitrust laws, which prohibit collusion among industry players to deny critical facilities or market access to rivals. Such agreements, commonly known as "group boycotts," are unequivocally illegal. The TNI's actions fall under the purview of a massive group boycott, as it has consistently denied market facilities to non-mainstream news publishers whose reporting competes with the TNI's narrative.

Championing the right to alternative perspectives:

While combating misinformation is crucial, it is equally important to protect the freedom of the press and allow for a plurality of perspectives. The TNI's actions, as alleged in CHD's lawsuit, raise concerns about monopolistic control over the dissemination of news.

This litigation presents an opportunity to reestablish the balance between responsible journalism and the suppression of dissenting voices. By challenging the TNI's stranglehold on online news reporting, CHD aims to promote the right of the public to access diverse sources of information.

By suppressing accurate reporting on critical topics such as COVID-19, elections, Hunter Biden’s Laptop, the Russia Collusion, etc. the TNI potentially limited public access to information necessary for informed decision-making and voting.

Issues such as early COVID-19 treatments, immunity, the lab leak theory, vaccine injuries, and lockdowns/mandates, masking, should have been subjects of rigorous debate rather than being unilaterally labeled as misinformation. CHD's lawsuit highlights the importance of allowing dissenting voices and fostering a transparent information environment.

CHD's antitrust lawsuit against the Trusted News Initiative signifies a crucial step towards safeguarding freedom of speech, press, and diverse news reporting. It is vital for a pluralistic society to reassess the balance between combating misinformation and protecting democratic values, ensuring that the power to shape public discourse is not concentrated in the hands of a few.


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