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Some clarifications about the FUHSD special election

- Special election code 5092 has been "rule books" for years that a special election could take place in order to protect students at the schools, and the voices of constituents. This is legal and warranted.

- Prior to heading to the county superintendent and the ROV with 175 signatures, we notified the board that we indeed had the signatures that we needed. Nothing in the board policy prevented the school board from a re-vote for Area 1. They knew prior to our heading down to the county superintendent that we had the signatures, and that there was going to be a special election.

- Voters in area 1 were notified of the cost of the special election. The cost was disclosed in bold print on the petition. It was also disclosed at the board meetings, as well as on the FFF Instagram page.

- Voters, in droves, came out to sign the petition, knowing the cost. The need for transparent board members who listened to parents and students assumingly outweighed the cost of the election. Current laws coming down the pike from the state which infringe on parental rights is concerning to many in town.

- The cost of the election is not going to be $100,00-$225,000 as initially stated and restated by several op-ed writers to the Village News. In fact, according to the notice from the ROV, the cost of the election will be $95,000 less than projected, as expected by the FFF.

- The cost of the election is further negated, as the Area 2 has been vacant for the year and will also saturate most of the cost as the Area 1 and Area 2 elections will now take place. Thanks to Ilsa Garza-Gonzalez, the superintendent, and the board, they also called for a mail-in election to ensure expedient results as well as a cost-effective manner.

- Ultimately, voters in Area 1 used their democratic voice to let the school board know their concerns. This was not simply due to the efforts of FFF, but to the lack of ability of the school board to lend a listening ear to concerned parents at the school. Over 250 people reached out in a very short amount of time to express their concern, and 175 people from Area 1 signed the petition, with the cost listed on the petition.

- Tax payers spend a high percentage of sales tax dollars, property taxes, etc. that go to their local schools. Taxpayers have a right to use their voices to ensure that schools are held accountable to their tax dollars. The special election process was put in place to ensure the taxpayers use their voices. If they did not wish this special election to happen, it would not have, as there would not have been enough signatures to ensure it would happen; thankfully, one group is not able to run elections. Hence, the beauty of a democratic republic. We needed 68 signatures, and far exceeded the minimum number of signatures in a very short amount of time with very little advertising.

- Excess spending such as money going towards highly sexualized materials, is concerning to tax payers, and many hope that the school board would represent their values and lend a listening ear to parents; including those asking for hyper sexualization of children to remain out of the schools.

- We sincerely hope that each taxpayer in Area 1 and Area 2 is heard, and that the best person possible is elected to ensure that Fallbrook High School continues to serve the amazing kids, teachers, and staff in this town. We love this town, and all members of this town (who we agree with and disagree with), and hope that we can come together to ensure that students and families are heard.

Lindsay Jones


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