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NCFPD updates facilities replacement plan

Joe Naiman

Village News Reporter

The North County Fire Protection District has updated its District Facilities Replacement Plan.

The NCFPD board voted 5-0 May 23 to approve the revised plan. The District Facilities Replacement Plan will be a guideline for decisions on future capital facility projects and includes timeframes for capital facility renovation or replacement projects.

The previous District Facilities Replacement Plan was approved by the board in October 2020. “A lot has changed in the way of funding in the last few years,” said NCFPD fire chief Keith McReynolds.

That includes an increase in revenue and some grants for facilities. “It has allowed us to move up some of our station renovations ahead of schedule,” McReynolds said.

A May 2022 board action along with an October 2022 change order addressed maintenance and improvements for Station 2 in the Winterwarm area. The April 2023 board meeting included approval of a design-build contract to replace Station 3 in Rainbow.

The renovation or replacement of Station 4 in Pala Mesa is in the early design stages. A scope of work has been developed to upgrade the NCFPD administrative building on Main Avenue. The NCFPD board has not yet approved the district’s budget for Fiscal Year 2023-24, but the staff proposal would allocate $1,119,450 for debt service for past work on Station 5 in Bonsall.

The District Facilities Replacement Plan includes goals of meeting all contemporary safety and operational design standards, ensuring the health and safety of NCFPD employees, optimizing customer service, ensuring that facilities maintain a state of operational readiness, minimizing accumulated deferred maintenance, ensuring established permanent facilities, and providing budgetary guidance and a methodology which designates the deposits necessary to fund a Capital Facility Reserve Account which would ensure adequate funding for facility renovation or replacement.

Industry guidelines set the optimal useful life of a fire station at 50 years. Station 1 in Downtown Fallbrook was built in 1962. Station 2 was constructed in 1963. The Station 3 building precedes the 1986 merger of the Fallbrook Fire Protection District with the county service area responsible for fire protection in Rainbow. Station 4 is a modular building which dates back to 1979, and the new Station 5 was completed in 2014.

The maintenance facility has been in place since 2008. The headquarters building is from 1990. The District Facilities Replacement Plan has renovation timeframes of 2022-23 for Station 2, 2023-24 for the administration building, and 2024-25 for Station 3. The Station 3 work will also include an addition to the existing structure. Full replacement of Station 4 is scheduled for between 2024 and 2027.

A replacement of Station 1 is planned for between 2039 and 2042. The replacement timeframe for the maintenance facility is between 2057 and 2060. The new Station 5 is scheduled to be replaced between 2075 and 2078.

The District Facilities Replacement Plan calls for revisions to the plan every three years to ensure relevance to project timelines as needs and revenue change. The plan’s clauses include budgeting between 3.5% and 5% of ongoing revenue (property taxes and fees as opposed to one-time revenue such as grants or real estate sale proceeds) for replacement of facilities.


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