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Detransitionioners – A new need for community

Julie Reeder


June is Pride Month, and efforts continue to normalize transgender and non-binary culture. But obviously, not everyone is on board. Boycotts on businesses like Anheuser-Busch and Target have caused billions of dollars in losses.

For decades, most people I know treated all people respectfully and just said, "It's not my business or concern what people do behind closed doors as long as they don't try to push it on me or my kids."

Well, we are long past that now. Parents across the country are being encouraged to have their kids read to and entertained by trans women, who are biological males. Sometimes story hour includes dancing which is suggestive and inappropriate.

Young boys are given accolades for cross-dressing, dancing and entertaining adult men. In California, if a parent doesn't go along with their child's new trans identity they've discovered on social media or at school, they could be brought up on child abuse charges and lose their child. Counselors aren't allowed to actually treat what may be depression. If they do, they could lose their license for not automatically "gender-affirming."

There's a movement underway to rename pedophiles as Minor Attracted Persons (MAPs) to make it more acceptable. Is that part of the + in LGBTQ+? They have their own flag that is pinks, blues and white. North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) has been around for over 50 years. They lobby to free young people to love who they wish, including of course, older adults.

Across the country, laws are changing. Biological men are coming into girls' shower rooms after swimming, etc. Women, who fought long and hard for equal rights, are now having to step down or step aside for biological men to take their places on the podium in the first place position for sports.

I fully expect coaches to start "recruiting" biological boys and men to compete on girls' teams so they can have an edge, break records, and win. Isn't that what coaches are pressured to do? What is stopping them? Does it matter that girls are now getting hurt by their male competitors?

There's also a lot of pressure for regular people, or "Cis" people, to compromise being true to themselves. What they know to be true scientifically and biologically doesn't matter; they are being coerced to say things that aren't true. It is called "compelled speech" and is quite the opposite of free speech because you are expected and possibly forced to say things that you don't believe. This pressure is typical in Communist China.

So women aren't free anymore to identify as they always have. This is again, for men, so that the trans people can be more comfortable. Women are not supposed to identify as mothers anymore, but be "birthing people" which is a more "inclusive" language. Our feelings and rights are again second-class. We like "identifying" as mothers, because we are mothers, real mothers, and real women. Motherhood is likely the most significant and fulfilling identity we have.

We can't breastfeed anymore because we are now "chest feeders." It's all ridiculous, and we should not accept it just because it's "inclusive" language. If someone wants to be called something different, OK, but if you are a mother and a breastfeeder, wear those traditional names and roles proudly.

There are all kinds of new rules, while women watch men like actor Dylan Mulvaney put on make-up and women's clothes, prance around like a squealing 10-year-old little girl and say he's a woman. He is not a woman. He is a man dressed as a woman and it makes a mockery of women.

Why is it offensive to put on blackface, but not womanface? Now there are videos where men, dressed as women are making fun of menstruation, tampons, etc. These guys have no clue of what women have to go through. Honestly, it's just so sad. I'm glad to see a few men stepping up to defend womanhood.

I don't understand how such a small group of people can bully the rest of the population with such political backing, not to mention the theatrics.

But aside from those realities, as mothers, friends, and counselors, we have a whole new reality to think about and prepare for. There are tens of thousands of mostly young people who have tried this lifestyle and realized it was a grave mistake for them. They have varying degrees of permanent damage that's been done to their bodies. They are grieving the loss of a normal life and have a high suicide rate.

They have lost their feminine or masculine voice and normal hair patterns. Children have taken hormone blockers and will never be able to have children. Some women are now bald and have beards from hormone therapy. Some young people have permanently removed their genitals and breasts. Some have replaced their sex organs with surgically created ones that don't work like "real" ones. They will never know a normal sex life, climax, or pregnancy. It's extremely sad.

Where do they turn? Once they decide to detransition back to their biological sex, many say their LGBTQ community is just toxic and shuns them. It leaves them very lonely.

I was reading through subreddits for detransitioners this weekend. There are over 50,000 people who have a community dedicated to detransitioning through Reddit. That is a huge number. There is also a growing group of detransitioners talking about their struggle on Youtube and TikTok. Many of them regret making such serious permanent life-altering decisions.

I listened with empathy while they said they wished their therapist or doctor would have slowed it down and their parents wouldn't have been so supportive.

Many detransitioners take responsibility for their decisions, but they wish someone would have tried to address the root of the problem rather than just providing hormone therapy and prescribing surgery. Both men and women were sorry that they would never be able to have children, and women how they would never be able to breastfeed their babies. Excuse me, "chest feed" their babies.

It is so sad. It's overwhelming. It made me consider what we could do as a community to help. The churches could work together to create a place of peace and acceptance to help them. The church and the community could come together. It is common for churches to have drug and alcohol recovery groups, pregnant mom groups, single-parent support groups, pornography recovery groups, etc. How could we support this new and growing group of hurting people?

The more the politicians, schools, and social media introduce this ideology, normalize it and push it on young people, we are going to see a growing group of people who need love, acceptance and support while they do the really hard work to get their lives back.


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