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Re: 'Oh the ironies of a two-tier system of justice' [Village news. Letter, 6/15/23]

Publisher Julie Reeder recently penned an editorial about our supposed two-tier system of justice.

Ms. Reeder puts a great deal of emphasis on the FBI 1023 document that supposedly links the Biden family to taking a bribe. Here are some facts: This document was created during the Trump administration when supposedly some unknown person reported on the alleged bribe. At the time, the FBI (Chris Wray, Director) and the DOJ (Bill Barr AG) decided that the report had no credibility and was not followed up on.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago, the House Oversight Committee under the direction of Rep. James Comer decided they needed to follow up on this document. They finally got a look at the document after threatening to subpoena Director Wray. (Remember that he is a Trump appointee).

They said they had a witness and then another witness who could attest to the validity of this report. A few days later they said they lost contact with the informant. This, after making a big deal of having the informant. They also said there were tapes of the informant talking with Biden. Now they say they are not sure the tapes even exist.

As I understand it, this original informant was a Ukrainian who Rudy Giuliani brought to the FBI. We now know how little credibility Giuliani has.

Certainly, Hunter Biden is at the center of this. He is a troubled man, a former alcoholic and drug user. Clearly, a troubled soul who was taking advantage of his last name. This does not necessarily have anything to do with Joe Biden.

As to Hilary, when Trump came into office, his administration looked into her email situation. They decided that she would not be prosecuted because it was not clear she broke the law. The DOJ takes cases that have a good chance of winning. This was not one of them.

Speaking of children and friends of politicians taking advantage of their proximity to power. What about Trump’s relatives? Ivanka and Jared Kushner reportedly made tens of millions of dollars while serving in Trump’s White House. Kushner, shortly after leaving the White House, got $2 billion from the Saudi government for his start-up financial management business. This was a business that he had no experience in. Where is the outrage about that?

There are other charges in the editorial which I will address later.

Mike Reardon


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