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The Rainbow Revolution

Today commemorates the 79th anniversary of D-Day. One hundred and fifty-six thousand Americans and Allied forces launched the largest amphibious attack in history to liberate the continent of Europe from the iron grip of Hitler’s Third Reich.

But instead of showering tributes on the men of the U.S. Army Rangers who scaled the cliffs at Normandy or the 1st and 29th US Army divisions who stormed the beaches while torrents of Nazi bombs and bullets were raining down on them, Democrats chose to celebrate Gay Pride Month instead.

Last night I watched a video of a 100-year-old Marine, a veteran of World War II and a Silver Star recipient sharing his thoughts about our nation’s current plight. With his voice quivering and his eyes tearing up, he said, “This is not the country we fought for and the boys died for; the country has gone to hell in a handbasket.”

He is correct, but this is the dispiriting America the Democrats have given us. Replete with the divisive and acrimonious actions of a political party obsessed with destroying our nation’s moral and cultural fabric to remake us into something distinctly different from the America we grew up in.

Why is it necessary to honor someone for their sexual identity, much less to set aside an entire month to lionize them for their sexual preferences? You’d think their sexual proclivities are analogous to Washington’s victory over the British Empire in the American Revolution and deserving of accolades from his holiness, the pontiff himself. What’s next? Will the “Grifter in Chief” award drag queens with the Congressional Medal of Honor?

In a single generation, the queer nation has redefined marriage between a man and a woman, a cultural tradition shared by countries worldwide for over 4,000 years. They assured us that same-sex marriage status was the extent of their demands. But now, they openly groom children with their pornographic exhibitions while pretending their provocative behavior is as harmless as passing out candy corn to children on Halloween.

Like most conservatives, I believe every American deserves to be treated with dignity without fearing reprisals from the government or its citizens because of their sexual orientation. But then, it is not a civil rights issue, is it? It’s about the Biden administration’s virtue signaling to a militant faction of the homosexual community while forcing heterosexuals to accept their behavior even if it contradicts their beliefs and biblical truths and undermines their traditions.

Perhaps it’s time to honor the men and women who made it possible for the LBTQ+ community to express themselves freely – by setting aside an entire month in observance of Memorial Day and a months-long tribute for Veterans Day too.

Given the gravity of the struggle for the independence, may I suggest we celebrate Independence Day for a month so we never forget the blood spilled to forge our great nation and the men who risked everything to make it happen.

What sayeth you, Patriots?

Dave Maynard


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