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We have to do it ourselves, folks

So everyone walked out of Thursday’s meeting on the homeless problem in Fallbrook, wondering what possible purpose it served other than political theater.

Our law enforcement on the left side of the room answered my question of “Can you force street people to do anything?” with an unequivocal “no.”

On the right side, we heard from about five people how many services and benefits they offer street people with your taxes funding them and their salaries. Got it? No, go home and shut up.

Please note here, I fully support San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond, who attended and really is trying to help us. A rare exception to what I saw. Folks, it is obvious they don’t want to solve the problem. Too many people would lose their jobs, too much diverted money would disappear and too many politicians would lose campaign material.

So here are some police suggestions. Any belongings left on public land would be moved to a covered lost and found with a tag of where found or name and a stake left with location and phone of lost and found. The owner can pick it up at the yard.

If it was in a stolen shopping cart, they will be threatened with charges for stealing a $600 or $700 item unless they leave town within 24 hours, and their picture will be taken for future reference.

How long before they pass the word that Fallbrook is not so friendly to the “homeless,” “those experiencing homelessness,” “the unsheltered” or any other euphemism du jour.

We are told to be humane, compassionate etc, etc. to people who have none of that for us. I ate in a soup kitchen for months when times were hard. I sat elbow to elbow with people. We talked. I know who they are: 50% are crazy and 50% are lazy.

They don’t see us as good, compassionate people trying to help them. They see us as suckers, easy marks to hit up. We are stupid for working everyday and owning “things.” Stealing is the way of the road, grab what you can and you’re a fool for not locking it up and it serves you right.

Vets and the crazies need help, sometimes pressured on them with something like the Civilian Conservation Corp from the 1930s.

Politicians just can’t figure out why street people keep moving to the best weather in the U.S., not to mention all the one way tickets from all the other states trying to get rid of them.

If they camp in front of your store, keep washing the sidewalk. They won’t put their packs down or sit, or sleep there.

I know there are those who actually invite them here, and have one in 50 who get their act together for now and they go, see.

And when someone gets stabbed or shot, we will go, see.

A full 50% of our national problems would disappear overnight if our government actually wanted to solve the problems.

We have to do it ourselves folks.

If you come up with a technique that works, let us know.

Store owners should get together and hire their own security teams, who can do legally what the police will not. Even if they keep these people awake all night if they are on your property. The word will get out, like it has about Temecula.

Remember, whatever you allow, you will get more of.

Joseph Schembri


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