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BUSD approves four new Bonsall High School courses

Joe Naiman

Village News Reporter

The Bonsall Unified School District board approved Bonsall High School course descriptions for 2023‑24, and the May 17 action adds four new courses high school students will be able to take.

The 3-0 vote, with Larissa Anderson and Pascal Lapoirie absent, adds CTE Introduction to Production, Innovation, and Design (CTE stands for career technical education), CTE Computer Science Explorations, Advanced Placement Spanish Language and Culture, and History of World War II.

In addition to the course descriptions, the information for the new courses also includes the rationale for the course, course content objectives and standards, key assignments, instructional methods and/or strategies, assessments, a course outline, pacing of the course, proposed textbooks and other instructional materials to be used, and projected costs.

“We’re continuously expanding opportunities for kids,” said BUSD superintendent Joseph Clevenger.

The new courses were selected with student input. “We actually spend a lot of time surveying students and learning what their interests are,” Clevenger said.

The CTE Introduction to Production, Innovation, and Design class is a one-year course which integrates academic standards into the manufacturing and product development industry sector. Students will be introduced to the design process with a focus on product innovation and development. The students will learn how to identify a need, develop and research creative design solutions, and make functional prototypes.

The students will work collaboratively and may have field trips and industry partners. The course outline covers shop safety, introduction to manufacturing, design process, measurement and dimensions, mechanical and technical drawings, two-dimensional computer-aided design (CAD), three-dimensional CAD modeling and assembly, prototyping, and career and college readiness.

The CTE Computer Science Explorations class is also a one-year course which will cover topics such as user interface design, programming, physical computing, HyperText Markup Language and Cascading Style Sheets, and data. The students will have opportunities to create artifacts and to utilize computer science for creativity, problem-solving, communication, and enjoyment.

The students will use software development processes and fundamental programming constructs to design applications, create web pages, develop games, use data to solve problems, and use various sensors and hardware to program interactions with the physical world.

The course outline begins with problem-solving and computers, and includes internet and web development, programming for interactive games and animation, the design process of problem solving, internet with a focus on data and society, and the internet of things (meaning physical objects embedded with sensors and actuators which communicate with computing systems through wired or wireless networks).

The Advanced Placement Spanish Language and Culture class will be equivalent to an intermediate-level college course in Spanish. The students will be taught vocabulary usage, language control, communication strategies, and cultural awareness.

The course objectives include comprehending written and audio text and pictures, making interdisciplinary and cultural connections, interpreting the content of written and audio text, making meanings from words and expressions, communicating interpersonally by speaking with and writing to others, and communicating through spoken and written presentations.

Development of Spanish skills will be promoted through direct instruction, small group research activities, games, group activities, documentary studies, reading, circle discussions, recordings, group essays, and audios.

The course outline emphasizes families in different societies, the influence of language and culture on identity, influences of beauty and art, how science and technology affects people’s lives, factors which impact quality of life, and political and societal changes.

Bonsall High School history teacher Eddie Van Hoosear will likely teach the History of World War II course. “It’s one that our students are excited about and I’m excited about,” Clevenger said.

Clevenger noted many Bonsall High School students are military dependents and many others have ancestors who were military veterans. “I’m not surprised to hear that there was interest from students,” he said.

History of World War II will be a one-year class for juniors and seniors. The learning objectives include identifying the causes, chronology, and fundamental issues of World War II, so the coverage era begins with Germany’s surrender in 1918, which ended World War I.

In addition to textbook reading, the course will include seminars about key decisions involving the war and group-based presentation assignments.

The course will begin with the rise to power of the fascist movements in Italy and Germany and the Japanese imperialists. The course also includes the role of new military technology, the social effects of World War II on civilians, the war’s impact on Africa and Latin America, vice during World War II, women in World War II, and how World War II is perceived today.


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