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Re: Re: 'Worker of the Week' (Village News, Seiders letter, 6/8/23)

This is simple. Seiders believes it is her right to decide what is published and where it is published. Well, people in the United States are blessed with the right to make their own choices. Newspapers can publish what they choose and print it where they choose.

Seiders is blessed with the right to choose to read it or not. She thinks it would be better on every level if it were in the religious section, as in, “Warning, this a religious article.” She, as everyone, has the right to read what they want, watch what they want, when they want and where they want, even the most vile material. If there is an article she doesn't want to read, what should she do? You got it – turn the page! Don’t want to watch a program on TV – change the channel!

She does not have the right or the power to dictate to others (or a newspaper) what articles are printed and where. But, lucky her, she does have the right to express her opinion, which she did!

In this country, still, we have the right to choose. Think about it! This is the biggest blessing that can be bestowed on a society. Years ago that wasn’t the case anywhere.

Europeans came here because they wanted to get away from czars, kings, and other dictators who told them what to think and without choice. In other words “Pay your taxes and do what you're told.” So the USA was founded, with certain freedoms, and the rest of the world decided they wanted freedom too. So, country by country started to rebel.

Among the first was the French revolution and it spread throughout Europe until Spain was one of the most recent to rid themselves of a one man leader, and really not that long ago. Most of the western world today enjoys this precious ability to choose.

Ms. Seiders, enjoy your right to express your opinion and freedom of choice and let others do the same on any acceptable platform.

Lewis Shell


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davidalandry writes:

Well said Mr Shell and thank you.