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Learn about the Mormon Metalmark and its host plant

FALLBROOK – This month, Wings of Change celebrates and learns about the beautiful butterfly the Mormon Metalmark.

Residents who would like to learn more about butterflies, their habitats, what they can do to help restore native plants to California or what Wings of Change does, can visit them at The Fallbrook Farmers Market this Saturday, July 15.

Wings of Change will have STEM crafts for kids, a few informational talk-sessions and giveaways throughout the day.

Butterflies, like many creatures in the world, have favorite places to rest, eat, and mate. In butterfly terms, this favorite spot is their 'host plant.' The Mormon Metalmark's host plant is wild buckwheat. Here in Southern California, California Buckwheat grows in a wide range of arid climates – from the hillsides of Fallbrook to the valleys in the hottest deserts.

Due to the loss of habitat and host plants throughout California, the Mormon Metalmark is classified as critically endangered. This can sound scary, but there are absolutely things people can do to help.

By simply spreading buckwheat seeds, they can give these beauties a better chance to thrive in the local environment. Wings of Change give seeds to anyone who wishes to have them at community events and through membership with this nonprofit organization. Its mission is to educate everyone on the importance of butterflies, their habitats, the ecosystem, and more.

For more information, visit or reach them at: or [email protected].

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