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Grow and use microgreens at home

Katelynn Abrams

Village News Intern

Microgreens are some of the simplest, smallest and most nutritious plants to grow.

Microgreens are vegetables and herbs grown from seed and harvested during the early seedling stage. In general, growing microgreens is as simple as packing a layer of seeds over soil or coconut coir pith in a dish and waiting for the plants to grow while watering daily in a sunny spot. Some types will require being covered and/or put in a dark place until the seeds sprout, then placed in a sunny area to grow.

Microgreens are packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients and can be added to almost any meal. Some types that can be grown include lettuce, mustard, kale, arugula, beet, spinach, radish, watercress, basil, cilantro, mint and broccoli. According to WebMD, studies have found that microgreens are up to 40% more nutritious than their mature versions.

Incorporating microgreens into one's diet is environmentally friendly and can lower one's carbon footprint. They can be more sustainable to grow than crops on a larger scale that use pesticides and chemicals, even more so if organic seeds and good quality soil, compost that is peat-free is better or coconut coir pith is used.

Growing microgreens can also be an activity children take part in. Since they are tiny, quick to grow and very healthy, children can become interested in healthy living and eating by seeing the results of their gardening while adding something they grew to the meals they eat.

Microgreens are easily grown at home with seeds purchased in store or online, such as Everwilde Farms at, which is based in Fallbrook and sells conventional and organic microgreen seeds that are non-GMO. Another option is to buy grown microgreens at farmers markets or companies such as Del Campo Farmers at, which sells grown-to-order microgreens.

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