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Exposing the two faces of Bidenomics

What are we to make of Biden's lofty remarks touting the virtues of Bidenomics? Were his words just platitudes falling out of his partisan mouth? Or were they the incoherent and emotionally charged rants of a cognitively impaired man? And what exactly is Bidenomics anyway? Is it a vain attempt to reinvent or perhaps salvage Biden's mediocre political record? Or is Bidenomics a sorted tale of a well-oiled crime syndicate that has fashioned an elaborate web of LLCs to hide the millions of dollars made from selling political influence? It could be both.

Joe wants us to believe Bidenomics has led us to the palm-tree-lined, sunny shores of prosperity. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Since when have the Democrats' affection for quantitative easing (printing money), their addiction to deficit spending and their obsession with onerous regulatory mandates ever stimulated anything other than recessions, devaluing the dollar and emptying our bank accounts?

At the heart of Bidenomics is the "Inflation Reduction Act." In truth, this mischaracterized act has accelerated the inflation rate and done little to generate new jobs outside the orbit of federal bureaucracies. With most Americans struggling to pay their bills, no one is buying the hype or believing one word of Biden's Bidenomics bravado!

So how has Joe amassed such a vast fortune befitting a king while serving in the Senate and as Vice President? Biden's ascension to the lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous didn't occur because of dumb luck or because Joe's investment acumen rivals that of the Oracle of Omaha. No, the Biden family fortune is directly tied to the family's influence-peddling scheme. This version of Bidenomics has worked quite well for the Biden family but not so well for the rest of us!

Were you aware that the Bidens received millions of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party for lobbying for favorable legislation in Congress on behalf of Chinese National companies and for the CCP's Belt and Road Initiative? Could this explain why Joe lacks the stones to sanction the CCP for releasing the "Fauci Flu" on us or why he refuses to confront Xi Zing Ping about the Chinese spy balloon that invaded our air space while collecting volumes of military intel as it crossed over our country?

Then there's the clandestine firing of a Ukrainian Attorney General at the request of the Ukrainian petroleum company, Burisma. Not only did the "Big Guy" score millions of greenbacks for successfully pressuring the Ukrainian President to terminate the AG, but Hunter got a sweet gig on the Board of Burisma, earning a tidy sum of $83,000 a month. I'm sure Joe would do anything to conceal these facts from the American public. Could this explain why Joe is throwing away billions of US tax dollars to prolong the Russian-Ukrainian war instead of pressing for peace with Putin and Zelinsky?

Biden has always been immune from the federal agencies sworn to investigate and prosecute high crimes and misdemeanors. And why? Because the self-interests of DC bureaucracies take priority over the needs of you and me. You see, the deep state, or, if you prefer, the bureaucratic state, has been running the country for decades, and Joe is the perfect patsy to protect their interests. Acting as their compliant surrogate, Joe has been free to leverage his political influence without fearing any legal harm would ever come to him.

With incriminating evidence finally being reported, one can only hope that Attorney General Merrick Garland and his henchmen at the FBI will aim their prosecutorial firepower on the "Biden Cartel" instead of pursuing allusive ghost stories and fabricating Marxist fairytales to entrap President Trump!

One final thought: There's little doubt that Joe's influence-peddling scheme has lifted the Bidens from the backrooms and basements of mediocrity to the marbled hallways and opulent ballrooms of luxury. But there are two faces to Bidenomics: one that blossomed into prosperity for the Bidens, and the other that leaves most Americans wandering in an arid wasteland awash in poverty.

Dave Maynard


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