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Fallbrook is a food desert – Here is where you can obtain free affordable groceries!

Did you know that Fallbrook is considered a food desert? Food deserts need more access to supermarkets, grocery stores and other healthy food sources. Many of these are in low-income and minority neighborhoods where food deserts exist, resulting from the absence of a supermarket that offers a wider variety of affordable and healthy foods compared to smaller convenience stores.

Unfortunately, the lack of variation in grocery stores, pricing and the excessive availability of poor nutrition constantly encourage unhealthy eating. The San Diego Food Deserts Map demonstrates that Fallbrook needs an area to buy affordable or good-quality fresh food. Many leave the town to get their groceries. It's just more affordable and they have many more options. Lack of transportation can stop many from going out of town, so they are stuck getting their groceries at the small markets around the area.

When doing my research thesis project at The Fallbrook Food Pantry, I discovered that mobility was an issue that prevented many from going to the pantry weekly. Fallbrook has public transportation, but long wait times, infrequent service and limited routes or hours of operation make it difficult for people to access healthy food. On top of that, carrying groceries back home can be a challenge for people who rely on public transportation. Many go through this very relevant barrier, which can lead to food insecurity.

The Fallbrook Food Pantry helps alleviate food insecurity in the town. They provide residents with healthy food options. They also assist many community members by stretching their household’s food budget by providing food assistance. Lastly, it helps alleviate food insecurity and helps raise awareness about the issue, and advocates for policy change that supports healthy food access to food deserts.

Sara Rodriquez


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