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Preparing for retirement: 4 tips to cut costs and start saving

Now is a favorable moment for seniors to consider their savings habits, particularly those who are nearing retirement. As indicated by a recent survey carried out by (TopCashback), a significant 61% of Americans are not feeling adequately financially prepared for their retirement years. The survey gathered responses from a diverse group of 2,041 individuals, all aged 18 and above.

Irrespective of one's age, the importance of monitoring retirement objectives cannot be overstated. However, given the escalating costs of various commodities, it becomes crucial to adopt money-saving strategies wherever feasible to continue building a robust retirement fund. To facilitate a reduction in everyday expenditures, TopCashback's Team of Money-Saving Experts has outlined four recommendations:

• 1. Enrollment in loyalty programs: Store-based loyalty programs stand as an effective method for earning rewards on regular purchases. Exclusive coupons and discounts can be availed by utilizing a loyalty card or inputting the associated phone number or email address during the shopping process. Members of these programs often gain access to unique discounts that amplify their savings potential.

• 2. Optimal utilization of the right credit cards: Credit cards offer an additional avenue to augment savings on everyday acquisitions. Scrutinizing the benefits of a credit card's program helps identify categories that provide enhanced cash back or rewards. Consequently, making use of the appropriate card for specific purchases is advised. For instance, a credit card might offer triple cash back on grocery expenses or double miles per dollar spent at gas stations. Depending on the program's provisions, these rewards can potentially offset the cardholder's bill as a statement credit.

• 3. Layering of savings: Cultivating the habit of stacking coupons and deals is recommended whenever feasible. Prior to making a purchase, it's essential to search for available deals. In the realm of online shopping, employing a cash back platform like TopCashback proves advantageous, guaranteeing the highest percentage of money back on qualifying transactions from a diverse range of over 7,000 stores. Moreover, tools such as TopCashback's free Browser Extension (compatible with Safari and Google Chrome) simplify the process by automatically applying pertinent coupons and cash back offers to the user's order through a single click.

• 4. Regular expense assessment: Periodically reviewing expenses offers insights into where one's finances are allocated. By comprehending existing expenditure patterns, individuals can discern areas of potential overspending or underinvestment. For instance, it might come to light that funds are directed towards subscription services that aren't fully utilized. In such cases, discontinuing such services becomes a prudent step toward accumulating greater long-term savings.

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