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Biden's infatuation with Kleptocracies

We've grown accustomed to hearing a litany of lies from the legacy media – parroting DNC talking points like "trust the experts," "transitory inflation," and the piece de résistance of them all, "Russian Collusion!" When Joe and his choir of dishonest disciples aren't singing the praises of Bidenomics to an ear-piercing crescendo, they are lampooning President Trump and MAGA Republicans, painting them as "existential threats to our Democracy."

One would think that Joe and his party faithful might reserve their incendiary remarks for Xi Jinping or Vladamir Putin instead of slandering Trump and their fellow Americans. On second thought, maybe not!

Last Sunday morning, my wife's aunts called, deathly terrified that America is veering into an authoritarian graveyard littered with broken dreams and shattered destinies. Now living in asylum in Spain, her aunts fled Venezuela to escape the tyranny of Hugo Chavez and his successor, Nicolas Maduro. Her family was once proud members of the thriving middle class when the country was the envy of South America – that is before Chavez and Maduro seized power and expelled and imprisoned their political rivals.

Today, Maduro's regime is rife with crime and widespread corruption. Venezuela's middle class has been dispossessed of their property and banished from their formerly vibrant country. The media speaks with one voice, repeating Maduro's platitudes like a flock of mindless macaws. No one dares to speak out against the regime for fear of being imprisoned, beaten to a pulp, or worse yet, suffering a headless fate with Madame Guillotine!

These are the enforcement mechanisms and governing machinations of kleptocracies, not the workings of representative democracies. Kleptocracies are not restricted by the rights of the people, constrained by laws, or restrained by moral or religious principles. Despots like Maduro, Putin, and Xi use the levers of government to silence their political opponents, steal elections, kill or incarcerate their political foes, and suppress free speech. Sound familiar?

Using Maduro-like tactics to deny President Trump from returning to the White House, our Justice Department has charged him with four farcical indictments. For the first time in our nation's history, the leading presidential candidate is being persecuted and prosecuted by a frenzied political party frothing at the mouth in anticipation of incarcerating the one man who can keep us from slipping into Biden's Marxist morass.

So, Joe, stop embarrassing yourself by pretending to be faithful to the Constitution or feigning allegiance to our country. All liberty-loving Americans know you have little interest in the integrity of our elections, the rule of law, or the preservation of our Democracy! We know who the real threat to our representative Democracy is, and it's not Trump and MAGA Republicans.

Dave Maynard


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