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Moms get it done. Elect Tauna Rodarte as trustee for Area 1

As most readers are aware, representation for Area 1 for the Fallbrook High School board will soon be decided by a special election. Only mail-in ballots are accepted, and they must be postmarked by Sept. 19.

Contrary to the remarks of Toni Smith of Aug. 24, there is only one reason for this costly special election. Back in February, the FUHS board selected a person to fill the Area 1 trustee vacancy due to the resignation of Courtney Hilborn. Kelly Hansen and her supporters were irate because the board chose the other, original candidate (who happened to be a male – gasp!) for the position. I was there.

Immediately after the selection of Mr. Dooley to fill the vacancy, Mrs. Hansen whined about the lack of “a woman’s perspective” on the all-male board. That’s it. Forget about accomplishments, past service to the community, proven expertise with other local agencies – she expected to be chosen because she’s female.

Aren’t public positions and jobs supposed to be on the basis of qualifications and merit rather than sexual discrimination? The FUHS superintendent and principal are females as are many other administrators there. As a female, I feel well represented.

Imagine my shock to discover that Mrs. Hansen is not even on the current special election ballot! Her husband is running instead. Wait…what? The sole reason her supporters demanded a special (expensive) election was to avoid having male-only representation. Mrs. Hansen and her followers have insisted on the need for the FUHS board to have “a mother’s point of view.”

Fortunately for voters in Area 1, Tauna Rodarte is running to fill the vacancy. Her list of accomplishments is exceptional. Read her many qualifications for yourself. Go to She has professional experience in the business world as well as a lengthy history of volunteer service in educational and charitable organizations.

Hansen supporters, please note that Tauna fits your primary requirement. Tauna’s a mom. Moms know how to get things done! She has demonstrated that she can expertly manage professional and personal responsibilities – just like most every mom these days. Choose a qualified and dedicated trustee for Area 1. Vote for Tauna Rodarte. Win, win for everyone.

Sandra Forrest


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