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Op-Ed: Don't be deceived

Around town, you will notice a sign for Tauna Rodarte: "Mom's get it done." With respect to the many years and hard work that Tauna put in raising her sweet kids, I would offer a bit of advice when responding to your ballot during this special election: keep in mind, Tauna's children do not attend Fallbrook High School. In fact, she was encouraged to run for the seat by the Democrat club in Fallbrook, who are working to politicize much of the seats that serve our small town. While I appreciate their hard work to ensure that they do what they think is best for our schools, many of the people in the club do not have kids who attend schools in Fallbrook.

Unfortunately, the signs and slogan that Tauna has placed around town state: "mom's get it done". Many parents of Fallbrook High School are concerned. Tauna does not have kids at the high school. She also aligns with a group that have advocated FOR the pornographic books that we have seen infiltrate the libraries since 2016. Parents at Fallbrook agree, that while we would love to have books and literature that represent all kids, including children or families of LGBTQ alignment, that the sexual pictures and the pedophilic references that are made in the books we have found are X-rated, and don't belong in an educational establishment.

Many articles detailing the special election are correct; Kelly Hansen initially wanted to run for school board to replace Courtney Hilborn. The residents of Area 1 elected a parent, who aligned with conservative values. Many parents at the school wanted a parent on the board, which is why we were able to get so many passionate residents from Area 1 to sign the petition to ask the school for a special election when the school board quietly put up Jim Dooley, who ran against Courtney and lost. The first day of his duties on the school board, the parents at Fallbrook addressed the board, after requesting to remove the book "Beyond Magenda;" a book about a six-year-old, who detailed giving oral sex to his neighbors and "LIKING IT" (I hesitate to even write the words in the Village News- let alone allow it to be on the shelves at FHS)...Jim voted to keep the book, stating that the book about kids giving oral sex to 6-year-olds was "a part of life."

Kelly Hansen and Lief Hansen were at the board meeting that night. Kelly was elected to the planning committee by the residents of Fallbrook, and when Lief, her husband saw that the school board was willing to vote 3-1 to keep the pedophilic book on the shelves, he told his wife that he would run so that Kelly could focus on her duties as an elected official, and that he could give Fallbrook High his full attention. He was shocked to see that adults would approve of such filthy novels for children to have tax-payer-funded access to in the school.

Lief is logical, and approaches decisions with the heart of a father. He is a firefighter and a coach. He has spent so much of his life giving back to others. And with four young boys headed into the high school, he will ensure that he "gets it done" with his kids in mind. He does not want to "ban books," but just like a movie theater has "R-rated" movies and sex shops don't allow kids under 18 in their doors, schools should not have X-rated material in their establishment.

Tauna's slogan is a bit of a slap in the face to so many of us who are working to ensure that our children are well cared for at the public school that we send our children to. In fact, she does not have kids at the school, so it is concerning that she is working to deceive voters. Area 1- if you want a parental voice, please vote for Lief.


Lindsay Jones


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