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Supervisors approve Campus Park West property exchange, EIR addendum

Joe Naiman

Village News Reporter

The planned Campus Park West development will include the realignment of Pankey Road and Shearer Crossing, and an Aug. 30 San Diego County Board of Supervisors action approved a real property exchange to allow for that realignment.

A 4-0 vote, with one vacant seat, approved the real property exchange and also approved an addendum to the project’s Environmental Impact Report. Pankey Road and Shearer Crossing will be widened as well as realigned, and the current T intersection will become a four-way signalized intersection.

In June 2014, the county supervisors approved the Campus Park West tentative map, rezone, general plan amendment, specific plan amendment, and Subsequent Environmental Impact Report. Campus Park West will consist of 283 multi-family dwelling units; 513,000 square feet of commercial use; 120,000 square feet of limited industrial use, and 31 acres of biological open space.

The project’s conditions include the realignment of Pankey Road and Shearer Crossing to provide vehicular and pedestrian access and circulation to the planned commercial parcels south of SR-76, which are planned for general commercial uses such retail, restaurants, and other service uses. Pankey Road and Shearer Crossing are public roads, and the county owns the real property and right-of-way for the existing road alignments.

The realignment will allow for road improvements including decomposed granite pathways, curb ramps and sidewalks meeting Americans with Disabilities Act standards, streetlights, and bicycle lanes as well as the four-way signalized intersection.

Pappas Investments, which owns the Campus Park West land, proposed a real property ownership exchange which will actually increase the amount of county-owned land by 0.837 acres. The county will transfer 2.038 acres on the north side of Pankey Road north of Pankey Place to Pappas Investments, which will transfer a 2.875-acre portion of land around the intersection of Pankey Road and Shearer Crossing.

Although the area being transferred from the county to Pappas Investments was appraised at $299,000 and the area being transferred to the county was appraised at $639,000 only real property and no funds will be exchanged. Pappas Investments will pay the estimated $6,000 staff costs along with the recording, escrow, and title fees involved in the real property exchange process.

All of the project conditions (not including the development of the privately-owned lots themselves) must be satisfied by Oct. 22, 2024, although any significant changes in state or local requirements may need to be addressed before ministerial permits are requested.


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