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Showstopper Galaxy of Glass opens at Fallbrook Art Center

Julie Reeder


The Fallbrook Art Center’s 26th Annual Galaxy of Glass exhibition – Capturing Light, Art and Nature, opened Sept. 23. Artists, local residents and visitors from the southland all converged to discuss, appreciate and purchase beautiful pieces featured in the show.

The variety of art includes something for everyone with affordable unique and colorful glass jewelry, bowls and plates, to statement pieces of all sizes, shapes and prices. Some of the stellar pieces are waiting for just the right living room, foyer or large commercial lobby.

One artist, Greg Gomolka, with a few stunning showstopper pieces, also owns a company that does architectural glass. One of his pieces was taller than he was and depicted the ocean. Gomolka said, “I’ve been doing casting and slumping for the hospitality industry for 25 or 30 years. I came up with a technique where I mix the glass with crushed metals (this one had copper in it) and when I mix them with different fluxes and metals in the kiln process, it creates gasses and that’s where all the bubbles come from. I call it color fused glass.”

This piece, in which copper was used, gave it a blue/turquoise color. He continued, “This piece I sand blasted or sand carved to give the whole piece an ocean look.”

Visitors from Orange County enjoyed the show, as well as their trip to Fallbrook. They came to see the work of their art teacher, Brian Canfield, who displayed very unique pieces mixing stained glass and wood, and also an interesting piece with a clear piece of glass cast from a rough hewn railroad tie that was joined to a beautiful piece of old oak from an old grove in Valley Center.

Author James Stone, a blown glass and mixed media artist, was on hand to sign his book, “The Glass Thread,” and talk to art enthusiasts.

He and Carol Rogers were also showing artistic benches throughout the show that were made in conjunction with UCSD. She said they had seven artists submit designs for the aluminum cut and hot cast glass project creating colorful benches.

Art and nature have always been intertwined, with artists drawing inspiration from the beauty and wonders of the natural world. This exhibition captures the brilliance of art glass and the mesmerizing allure of geodes, creating a symphonic blend of man-made and natural beauty.

The curated show offers viewers a unique and visually captivating experience. It celebrates the beauty of both human creativity and the wonders of the natural world, inviting contemplation and appreciation of the intricate and awe-inspiring artistry found in both mediums.

"Capturing Light" is a testament to the timeless connection between art and nature and its profound impact on people’s perception and appreciation of the world around them.

The Beauty of Art Glass: Glass art has been practiced for centuries and has long been admired for its ability to capture and manipulate light. The transparency and reflective properties of glass allow artists to create stunning visual effects that play with the viewer's perception.

Glass artists often experiment with various techniques, such as blowing, casting, fusing, and etching, to push the boundaries of the medium and create pieces that are both visually stunning and conceptually thought-provoking.

As the viewer moves around the sculpture, the play of light creates a dynamic and ever-changing visual experience.

Fallbrook Art Center’s 26th Annual Galaxy of Glass – Capturing Light exhibition showcases geodes alongside glass art pieces, emphasizing the connection between the natural and the man-made. The exhibition will be available for viewing until Oct. 22.


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