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The 'Plant Lady' lives on Porter

Katherine Hawthorne

Special to the Village News

Fallbrook's "Garden Grandma" tends not only to her grandchildren but most certainly tenderly revives plants on life support and propagates succulents and nurtures plants, plants and more plants. Her name is Nieves Olivas, aka "The Plant Lady on Porter," and I'm most fortunate to live next door and have the privilege of witnessing the transformation of her yard into an oasis of floral display.

When I sought out an answer for this flourishing flora, she responded, "I have had a passion for nurturing plants all my life, although these last 10 years have been very abundant indeed. It is always rewarding to see the outcome. I have great pleasure in tending to all the developing nature and I am most proud of the rehabilitation of plants – to see an almost dead plant flourish is very exciting."

Many people have dropped off plants headed for the dustbin and, much to their surprise, come back later and found their plants alive, well and thriving.

With all of that plant-saving work and organic practices, Nieves' love for growing and propagating succulents and much more, she is fast running out of room to continue her passion.

How can you help? Well, all of her plants and succulent arrangements are for sale. You can simply drive on by and purchase from a vast array of lovely, vigorous plants nurtured, developed and cultivated into beauty just meant for your courtyard, patio or garden which can also increase your curb appeal. She looks forward to seeing you coming round the corner and dropping by for a bit of beauty to take home.

She can be reached via phone or text at 760-696-6627 or you can drive by 326 Porter St. in our little village of Fallbrook and purchase these lovely plants for yourself.


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