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Increased rebates for wind turbines offer sustainable savings

FALLBROOK – Modern high tech wind turbines come in all sizes from small turbines to charge batteries on a sail boat to the offshore giants in the ocean. Mid-sized wind turbines, (80 to 100 feet tall), have an excellent fit with meeting the needs for microgrids, do not harm wildlife and offer a 30-year life span.

One of the keys to their offering is the ability to get permits without the need for excessive regulations such as FAA approval. They operate effectively at moderate wind speeds and are computer controlled for optimum power production with electronic braking. These turbines are unobtrusive in size and qualify for all rebate programs and offer additional renewable energy credits for any project.

The recent Inflation Reduction Act has increased the rebates for renewable energy projects for the USDA-REAP Program from 25% of the installed cost to 50% of the installed cost. Together with the federal 30% tax credit and the CA-SGIP incentives, the rebates will pay for over 100% of the cost of a new high tech mid-size wind turbine to generate power day and night for sites that prove to have sufficient wind.

Anyone interested can go to to see if they qualify for this rebate. The program is designed to support the rural areas of the U.S. for renewable energy.

Air Voltaics LLC is a southwest distributor for residential and mid-size wind turbines that can be used by growers, wineries and tribal communities.

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