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The right way to prune and how

FALLBROOK – Save Our Forest will host a seminar on Nov. 4, 9 a.m., at the Palomares House, 1815 S. Stage Coach Lane. The pruning seminar is for community residents to learn how to select and then achieve the best from their trees, as well as tree workers to hone their skills.

Whether one is a Do-It-Yourself person or hires the work done by others, understanding the rudiments of achieving a healthy tree that provides all the benefits possible is vital. Think of it in the same way as protecting the investment in a home.

A healthy, properly pruned tree provides unlimited benefits in what it gives to the homeowner and to the community as well. It should be a wonderful sight to see year round. Besides the basics of providing a healthier atmosphere that sustains our lives, the list is long.

To make this presentation there will be two renown arborists. Mark Wisnewski, a certified arborist who has a long history of work in the field and has built a reputation as a expert witness for court cases, one case right here in Fallbrook.

Wisnewski, who lives in Encinitas, has made a huge impact in San Diego County in many local coastal communities working with state wide leaders in the Urban Forestry field. He will give details of basic pruning methods that can make a remarkable difference in the health and beauty of trees and some no-no's that can, and will save one money.

The other is Fallbrook's Roger Boddaert whose artistic talents and writings in the Village News have helped residents for many years with information to use every day and new plant species to learn about. His work is well known, and has been recognized for his contributions to the community at a venue in the Palomares House Sculpture Garden.

Submitted by Save Our Forest.


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