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The world needs Donald J. Trump

Not only does America need President Trump, but the whole world does. He understands "we the people." Seventy-four million plus citizens elected him in 2016 because his message was simple, to the point and forceful. Many of us remember and he did not deviate from his promises.

It is evident that he didn't realize how deep the swamp was at the time and was met with opposition at every turn. Now he knows. I am sure that he will make a clean sweep of all, including leftover staff from the Obama regime. I feel certain that Obama stayed in D.C. to handle the reins of the Biden regime.

People with a brain and common sense have to admit that President Trump delivered on what he promised and more; no wars, a secure border, and there was respect around the world, maybe it was fear or just taking him at his word and his actions. I was impressed with the fact that he was willing to say, "you're fired." Trouble was he didn't fire enough of the dissenters.

All of the funding from the U.S. to Iran is unconscionable. They are funding Hamas and other terrorist groups. Our southern border is wide open and we have no idea who is being admitted. No vetting, no health checks, just welcome to our country. Are we anticipating another 9-11 or are we welcoming one?

The liberals are hiding their heads in the sand (as it were) and need to come into the light of reality. And those who say, "No one is above the law," what about Hillary and some others. Trump has been railroaded, harassed beyond any other because he opposes "Ole Joe," the crook, and the worst excuse for a world leader there ever was.

It is imperative that we use our common sense in these days leading to the 2024 elections. When was this country better off regarding the economy, energy independence, border security, law and order, future hopefulness, and employment for all who seek it?

We were better off when President Trump was at the helm. Think and pray, citizens. God bless America.

Orolie Gubser


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