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Watch your D's and R's

Which party started the “vote as a block or else you’re out” tactic? I don’t know, but I do know the “d’s” have been practicing this for a long time. What many Democrat citizens believe and how Democrat politicians vote are in contrast.

There are those who believe it is just fine for males to compete in women’s sports. If you are one such believer, you should strongly consider voting for a Liberal, or possibly a Progressive politician, they will vote to keep this policy in effect at the risk of not getting support from the DNC in the next primary.

In California stealing something worth less than $950 is a misdemeanor. There are those who steal almost on a daily basis. They get caught red-handed occasionally, but it is not a big deal; the maximum fine is $1,000 (and they will be spending zero seconds in jail due to the no bail law).

The guilty party needs to sell two or three of the under $950 stolen items to pay the fine and go out to dinner several times with the leftover money to celebrate. If you are one of the millions who agree with these laws, you should strongly consider voting for a Democrat politician.

Imagine a close relative becomes extremely infirm and you are charged with liquidating the estate. Imagine your realtor informs you that two women and three men broke into the home and are currently living in the house rent free. You speak with them and they assure you they will leave. They don’t. You speak with them again and this time they threaten you! The realtor is unable to even show the house.

You go to the police, but their hands are tied. It turns out in California Squatter’s Rights are far more powerful than owner’s rights. Three months later they are still there. A few weeks after that you discover they finally left but have completely trashed the place apparently with multiple bags of cement and a large sledge hammer. If you feel these liberal laws should be changed you should strongly consider voting for a Conservative.

The 14th Amendment gave citizenship to freed slaves (and thus the right to vote). Ask who wrote it and Google will say, “Congressman John A. Bingham of Ohio.” Notice there is no “r” or “d” after his name. If you research further you will find he was an “r”. Ask Google what percent of Republicans voted in favor of this landmark amendment and it will tell you 94%. Finding what percent of Democrats who voted for that amendment is much more difficult, but if you stick with it you’ll find it was 0%.

Both parties say, “One man, one vote.” Great, been that way for a long time, at least in America. When Republican politicians tried to pass a law asking voters to prove their identity, the Democrat politicians claimed asking someone to show their ID at the polls was racist and many believed it (never mind that few if any say it is racist at the airport).

In California, poll workers are not allowed to ask for ID. Merely saying anyone’s name and address will get you a ballot. If you believe asking for identification at the polls is a responsible procedure you should strongly consider voting for a Conservative candidate.

If you believe there are more than two genders and/or that males should be allowed in high school and college girl’s/women’s locker rooms, then you should strongly consider voting for a Liberal or Progressive politician.

High gas prices will affect you either directly (personal transportation) or indirectly (transportation of goods you buy). Lots of people are for higher gas prices, if you are one of them you should strongly consider voting for a Liberal politician. (They admit it in code: “Our fuel prices should be more in line with Europe’s.” “We would have preferred a gradual price adjustment.”)

What if you gave thousands of dollars to a bully so he wouldn’t kill you? Suppose a few years later he didn’t kill you but cut off your arm? Would you continue giving him thousands of dollars? The Republicans tried to pass a law to place safeguards on giving billions to terrorist countries. They were unsuccessful. The vote went down party lines.

What MLK stood for and what BLM has come to stand for are complete opposites. If you agree that a person’s character should be more important than the color of their skin, you should strongly consider voting for a Conservative politician. If you feel skin color should be as important if not more than character, you should strongly consider voting for a Liberal politician.

(Warning: If you have a weak stomach, stop reading now.) In 1987, Larry Singleton kidnapped a young girl, raped her repeatedly over a three day period, cut off her forearms, and dumped her in an Interstate 5 culvert to die. Astoundingly, she finally got up and walked to safety.

Later, her testimony plus a great amount of overwhelming evidence led to his conviction. What sentence do you think should be imposed? In most of the United States, the death penalty is essentially not a possibility. The judge wanted to place him in prison for life without the possibility of parole, but in the liberal state of California, the maximum sentence allowed at the time was 14 years.

On his way out of the courtroom, the man said to his victim, “This isn’t over!” Eight years later he was released for good behavior. The good news is he did not attack the same girl again. On Feb. 19, 1997, police found him covered in blood after stabbing a different girl in his new home.

Republican politicians worked hard to pass laws giving judges more freedom in sentencing. If you think your town would be better off with less police officers and more catch and release criminals on the streets then you should strongly consider voting for a Democrat politician.

As a freshman, Trent had a part time minimum wage job to work his way through college. He loved chili dogs and at $1.29 apiece, they fit into his budget now and then. When the five chili dogs for five dollars special came around that would take care of lunch and dinner.

The minimum wage kept increasing! It went up a little over 50% in just a few years. In his final year at college, one chilly dog cost $2.99. During his first year of college, he had to work six minutes for one chilly dog. Now, he must work 10 minutes for one. It is not the fault of Wienerschnitzel. His hourly wage increased, but everything he needed to buy increased by a greater proportion. If you believe you and Trent are better off now, you should strongly consider voting for a Democratic politician.

Personally I am for spending millions of our tax dollars for agents at all of our air and seaports checking to make certain terrorists on the “No-fly List” do not make it into our country. Of the last 14 million people (from around the world) who walked into this country without being vetted whatsoever, how many would you estimate desire the worst for America and Americans?

Jerry Maurer


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