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Re: 'High crimes and misdemeanors' [Maynard letter, Village News, 10/12/23]

Mr. Maynard presents another one of his elaborate yarns and claims he has “irrefutable evidence” of President Joe Biden’s “high crimes and misdemeanors.” How many times have I explained to him that allegations are not evidence – at least, not in court. And as usual he presents not one iota of evidence to support his claim.

Mr. Maynard notes, presumably in support of his claim, that Ukraine is historically one of the most corrupt countries in that area. True, but irrelevant. What he didn't note is that Russia is still by far the most corrupt. Additionally, the current president, Volodymyr Zelenski, ran on a reform platform that was broadly endorsed by 73% of the voters.

In total irrelevance, Mr. Maynard also claims the best way to end Russia’s aggression would be for the U.S. to go full bore on petroleum production, presumably to lower oil prices and thus bankrupt Russia. He better check with his overlords. Lowering the price of their product (crude oil) would lower its investors’ income, an absolute no-no. It has been expressed like this: “The latest Dallas Fed Energy Survey shows that investor pressure to maintain capital discipline – which precludes higher investment in expanding oil production – is the primary restraint on publicly traded companies, according to Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, May 10, 2022.

Contrary to Mr. Millard’s claim, Gen. Shokin was not investigating Burisma at that time. In fact, Shokin was the corrupt one and warranted getting the boot. For source, search on “Trump Revives False Narrative on Biden and Ukraine” and “Was Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin prosecuting Burisma?”

On Sept. 28, the panel charged with determining whether to proceed with impeachment of President Biden agreed that it has insufficient (i.e., no) evidence that warrants proceeding. For source, search on “Biden impeachment effort ‘eight months of abject failure.’” Putting the last nail in the coffin for “irrefutable evidence,” had there been any evidence whatsoever, you would already have seen it in newspapers in the largest fonts available and carried continuously – streaming, TV channel, AM radio and social media.

For good measure, here’s yet another nail. Breaking news: The Biden Impeachment Panel finally uncovered the source of the “suspicious” payment of $200,000 to then Vice President Biden’s personal account. Turns out it was not from China, rather, it was from James Biden (Joe’s brother) repaying a personal loan, Yes, that is irrefutable evidence – that Joe Biden’s hands are clean. For source, search on: “Another GOP ‘Bombshell’ About Joe Biden Turns Out To Be A Dud,” in Huffpost, Oct. 23.

John H. Terrell

Fallbrook resident


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